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José Picardo

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about 7 hours ago

NEW BLOG! 'BAN ELECTRICITY' says Behaviour Tsar from Highland Cave. Or did he...? @TES

Aug 30, 15

The tsar will know that clear expectations consistently upheld are central to behaviour regardless of the technology.

Aug 28, 15

Thanks for the recent follow @josepicardoSHS @PharmaDispatch Happy to connect :) have a great Monday. (insight by
#FollowFriday @josepicardoSHS @domnorrish @bryngoodman top Influencers this week! Have a great weekend :) (via

Aug 27, 15

@josepicardoSHS NP - really hate assumption that *any* use of tbooks = poor teaching. Tim's 2014 paper here in full

Aug 27, 15

Tablets: To lease or not to lease? @tes: Mentions the wonderful @josepicardoSHS @HMC_TT

Aug 26, 15

Wide-ranging, balanced overview of how technology can be used. Will be sharing at my school. ¡Gracias, José!

Aug 25, 15

Technology has created more jobs than it has destroyed, says 140 years of data

Aug 24, 15

Amazing A Level results at @SurbitonHigh

Aug 18, 15

An interesting perspective from @josepicardoSHS in the #screentime debate: Is screen time something we should fear?

Aug 17, 15

A great post! @josepicardoSHS
No one ever suggests a maximum for "paper time".

Aug 16, 15

A good piece about getting edtech right from @josepicardoSHS #edtech #digitaledchat #asiaed

Aug 14, 15

@SurrealAnarchy @thingsbehindsun I wrote about it there.

Aug 14, 15

.@josepicardoSHS @C_Hendrick Idioms of the World – 10 Illustrated Foreign Phrases via @sharethis Not my circus..

Aug 14, 15

And here's @deevybee trampling all over the ""XXX peer-reviewed studies claims by Greenfield

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