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José Picardo

José Picardo's Public Library

Jul 02, 15

@JamesBerryMP v proud of @josepicardoSHS @SurbitonHigh , lovely you could be there to share this special occasion.

Jun 29, 15

@josepicardoSHS Happy Birthday!

Jun 25, 15

@LearningSpy @josepicardoSHS

Jun 22, 15

“Why there are so many video lectures in online learning, and why there probably shouldn’t be” by @medialab

Jun 20, 15

Slides from this morning's talk @EducationFest on Principled Assessment Design (Life after levels) now posted at:

Jun 17, 15

@josepicardoSHS lots of change on EU copyright and Web media front at moment some good - some not so

Jun 17, 15

You may like this and this too @josepicardoSHS

Jun 16, 15

@josepicardoSHS @ButtonBashing @cagelessthink @colingoffin See and

Jun 16, 15

@josepicardoSHS have you seen the new papers from John Hattie? Interested to know what you think.

Jun 15, 15

Lovely blog - love the idea of Dad’s camp! Clarifying use of EdTech so important we all want the best for students

Jun 14, 15

An interesting approach to educational gaming that rewards children for seeking challenge, rather than success:

Jun 09, 15

@josepicardoSHS Noticing and mobilizing the understanding of implications

Jun 09, 15

"The whole problem is that fools are always so certain of themselves & wiser people so full of doubts". BR

Jun 08, 15

@josepicardoSHS @TeacherToolkit yes it does, I'm with Cersei:

Jun 07, 15 Yet again agree with @josepicardoSHS!
I'd add it's an entitlement yp incr expect & a great challenge to educators

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