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José Picardo

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about 6 hours ago @josepicardoSHS

Apr 20, 15

Congratulations to @josepicardoSHS, who has been named a finalist in the 2015 @TeachingAwards

Apr 18, 15

@josepicardoSHS @tstarkey1212 @tes been looking at what digital literacy is in school practice for few years now :)

Apr 18, 15

@josepicardoSHS @tes Here you go:

Apr 18, 15

RT @josepicardoSHS: What can technology do for children? Great piece by @arneduncan [Hang on, that sounds like you!]

Apr 17, 15

New sponsor steps in to help trust after Ofsted puts all of its four schools in special measures I

Apr 14, 15

A new office, a global audience via @harvard

Apr 12, 15

Technology should be used to enhance learning Obvious? Amazing how often this isn't criteria no.1 via@josepicardoSHS

Apr 12, 15

Evidence-based practice (Network.ed) < @josepicardoSHS explores the buzzword, & pleads for evidence-INFORMED practice

Apr 11, 15

Reinventing learning spaces @amyburvall @CliveBuckley @dhorn2020 @danaxson @josepicardoSHS

Apr 10, 15

Amazing visual displays of the global improvement in human well-being. via @MaxCRoser

Apr 09, 15

New this week
The School Research Lead and a definition of evidence-informed practice

Apr 07, 15

Are We Training Our Students to be Robots? My cynical reflections on personalized learning:

Apr 03, 15

Worth a read and certainly worth a follow!
“[It] cannot be good or bad. It can, however, be used in good or bad ways” – @josepicardoSHS on impact of #edtech
I commented on this interesting post about the 'possibly erroneous criticism of EdTech' by @josepicardoSHS
Thank you @josepicardoSHS for the conversation on his blog on evidence and ed-tech.
Excellent blog post - Tech and Opportunity Cost by @josepicardoSHS
An A+ from a skeptic like me. #edchat #edtech

Mar 26, 15

Education Show Blog:

'What should be the next Government’s education priorities?'

Mar 24, 15

The Taming of Tech Criticism - The Baffler - Interesting piece. Recommended.

Mar 23, 15

Just read this from @josepicardoSHS 'We are on the front page of the Education Show’s web Go Surbiton High'

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