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  • many kids have two or three devices in their backpacks.
  • problem that arises is when schools or districts decide to choose a single technology for large-scale adoption in a traditional 1-to-1 program
  • What is the educational objective? 2) What software meets that objective? 3) What platform(s) run the desired software?

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  • elt that computers could help students learn more by constructing their own knowledge and understanding by working firsthand with mathematical concepts, as opposed to being taught these concepts in a more directed way.
  • push to turn kids into programmers led to the development of Smalltalk — the first extensible, object-oriented programming language
  • 1) As a tutor running simulations or math practice, for example; 2) as a tool for tasks like word processing; or 3) as a tutee, meaning the student teaches the computer to do something by writing a program in Logo or BASIC. This model touches on several pedagogical models, spanning from filling the mind with information to kindling the fire of curiosity. Even though technologies have advanced tremendously in the intervening years, this model still has some validity, and some contemporary technologies are better suited for some pedagogies than others.

  • teachers are increasingly using experimental teaching approaches and integrating technology into their professional development and their teaching practices, as well as their students' daily
  • "deep learning approaches." According to the report, tablets and other mobile devices are increasingly being used in active learning scenarios, where curriculum is tied to real-life scenarios.
  • student-centered, allowing them to take control of how they engage with a subject and to brainstorm and implement solutions to pressing local and global problems,

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  • initiative that systemically integrates technology into the classroom, improves instruction and increases academic success. No online flash cards will provide the answers.
  • Rather, they created true learning initiatives in which technology is a component of a larger cultural shift aimed at improving student outcomes.
  • A clear plan aligning professional development to goals. Preparing educators to change their classroom practice to incorporate new resources and meet new goals is a critical component of any learning initiative.

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  • Wendy Kopp is CEO of Teach for All, a global network of independent organizations dedicated to expanding educational opportunity, and founder and board chairwoman of Teach for America, a national corps of recent college graduates who commit two years to teach in high-needs schools.
  • a teacher who's empowered her students to work hard to realize their potential.
  • So it's disappointing to see more and more people herald technology as an educational panacea while dismissing the indispensable role of people

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  • eachers working in modern, on-line learning environments need computer-based tools for marking their students' work, and Markin is an ideal solution for
  • e to mark and return these documents just as quickly and easily as you can mark work submitted on paper - and in some cases more quickly. This is what Markin is designed to do.


    How Does Markin Work?

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