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  • Or, in a second scenario, educators and learners will have personal technologies that are simply used the same way the “technologies” of the 19th and 20th centuries were. It will still be an adult-centered system where teachers tell students how and when they may use technologies.
  • Some educators lack the desire for professional growth and development and don’t want to commit to a system focused on serving students instead of adults.
  • But the future of 1:1 will be one of two things. The ideal would be a student-driven, technology-powered ecosystem where learning is robust, personalized and based on competency and achievement of personal potential. This takes hard work and a focused vision of real transformation of teaching, learning and leadership.

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  • “All of them were about the stuff, with a total lack of vision.” His research convinced him not to move forward with one-to-one computing.
  • Unless we break out of this limited vision that one-to-one computing is about the device, we are doomed to waste our resources.
  • In every case of failure I have observed, the one-to-one computing plan puts enormous focus on the device itself, the enhancement of the network, and training teachers to use the technology. Then, teachers are instructed to go! But go where? That’s the critical question that must be addressed first.

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