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  • Often, we get to the how-to-do-it before  addressing self-concerns. We want to focus on student  learning before teachers are comfortable with the  materials and strategies. The kinds and content of  professional- development opportunities can be
  • t  takes at least three years for early concerns to be  resolved and later ones to emerge. We know that teachers  need to have their self-concerns addressed before they  are ready to attend hands-on workshops.
  • Professional developers who know and use the concerns  model design experiences for educators that are sensitive  to the questions they are asking when they are asking  them. Learning experiences evolve over time, take place  in different settings, rely on varying degrees of  external expertise, and change with participant needs.

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  • COMMENTARY:  The key problem is the use of the word "medieval." First, historians usually consider the Middle Ages, which began after the fall of the western half of the Roman Empire around A.D. 500 to be over by A.D. 1500
  • FACT: While many witch hunters explicitly went after women, very often

  • Initially, we suggest you focus your PD around critical thinking. Have your teachers work collaboratively on their critical thinking strategies. Imagine how this might improve rigor of the district's thinking and learning on a grand scale. Imagine how well this would prepare your students for the Common Core Standards.
    • Does your PD challenge your educators to:  
      • Think critically and reflect deeply on their practice? 
      • Communicate and collaborate effectively? 
      • Bring innovative and creative practices to their classrooms?

  • A coach is often uniquely positioned to see the big picture -- the way in which people are working, the impact they're having, the needs of students, teachers and administrators. If they have the skills, coaches can help others see these big pictures and work towards systemic changes. They can support the process of gathering data, information and resources so that changes can be effective.

  • Having a sure instinct for dramatic form, Mr. Miller goes bluntly to essential situations. John Proctor and his wife, farm people, are the central characters or the play. At first the idea that Goodie Proctor is a witch is only an absurd rumor. But "The Crucible" carries the Proctors through the whole ordeal - first vague su
  • cenes between John Proctor and his wife. By the standards of "Death of a Salesman," there is too much excitement an not enough emotion in "The Crucible."
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