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Feb 20, 15

Book via Google Books; published in 1913.

Aug 14, 14

Book by Nicholas Flood Davin (published in 1877).

Jun 13, 14

" was founded in March 1998 with the intent of making the largest and most up to date online ghost towns and old west historical reference site for all to see. At, we feel it is important to preserve our heritage and promote the learning and understanding of our culture."

Apr 25, 14

"Since its inception in 1966, more than 88,000 properties have been listed in the National Register. Together these records hold information on more than 1.4 million individual resources--buildings, sites, districts, structures, and objects--and therefore provide a link to the country's heritage at the national, state, and local levels."

They are currently digitizing their collection of applications, which include a variety of information about the place, and may contain photos and maps. At present, not all records have been digitized. They note that some state offices have digitized their records independently and made them available online (scroll to end of page to see list and links).

Apr 16, 14

"The Institute's mission is twofold: first, scholarly research and documentation; and second, outreach to a broader audience. Ongoing research involves faculty and students from many departments (as well as visiting scholars) examining how German-speaking immigrants and their descendants have both shaped their North American environment and been shaped by it. Outreach efforts center on bringing a better understanding of issues of German-American immigration, history, culture, and language to a general public as well as to school children."

Nov 20, 13

The site's purpose is stated as follows: "To provide a clearinghouse for information about 19th century American Poorhouses for ... history buffs, genealogists, teachers/students, and others with a similar interest."

Oct 04, 13

"JPASS gives you personal access [via paid subscription] to a library of more than 1,500 academic journals on JSTOR. If you don’t have access to JSTOR through a school or public library, JPASS may be a perfect fit."

Jul 20, 13

"This is an ongoing project sponsored by the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War (SUVCW) to document the location of repositories of records of the Grand Army of the Republic (GAR)."

Mar 26, 13

"A gathering of researchers and genealogists that 'give and take.'" Similar to the old Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness website.

Jan 04, 13

A "unique site that covers every aspect of tracing your family tree, from the very first steps to the more complex issues, such as investigating records in Latin."

Dec 12, 12

Good ideas and tips; via FamilySearch Wiki

Nov 09, 12

This is the Image Archive of "retired" clipart. Be sure to read the Conditions of Use.

Nov 09, 12

This is the Freeware Index of "current" clipart. Be sure to read the Conditions of Use.

Oct 19, 12

List of various resources, prepared by Leslie Brinkley Lawson.

Oct 18, 12

For a listing of institutions that have a subscription to JSTOR. Can search on an institution name, but also narrow down to a list by state.

Oct 18, 12

Resource for academic articles. Some earlier journals are accessible for free. For others, you will need to log in through a subscribing library. The nice thing is, you can conduct your searches at home to see if there are any articles of interest, before you head to the library.

Oct 16, 12

"Books We Own is a list of resources owned/accessed by individuals who are willing to look up genealogical information and e-mail or snail mail it to others who request it. This is a free service - volunteers may ask for reimbursement of copies and postage if information is provided via snail-mail."

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