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Jon Phipps

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Oct 12, 14

Being Uncomfortable.


Oct 12, 14

Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does. ~ William James

Oct 12, 14

@SlexAxton @benschwarz i use Screenflow -> GIF Brewery -> ImageOptim

My Christmas celebrates generosity, tolerance, love of humanity, family, community. And an evergreen to the promise of another spring.

Use get_class(Artisan::getFacadeRoot()). (In this case, using Artisan as the facade example. Replace as needed)
Oct 12, 14

The best film synopsis ever. Hands down. On so many levels.

@jonphipps but you are referring to the #dcam in some parallel, different, universe... right? #dcmi10

@cygri thank you, thank you, thank you for :-)

totally confused by tweets from #dcmi10 arch session - #dcam == #rdf model -only issue is whether we need to cont. to document it separately

@ppetej it doesn't. It's been pointed out that having RDF in bottom layer is misleading as implies a non-existent dependency #dcmi10

@ppetej it's just, I thought this was all about creating metadata *for the web*, not as a complete abstraction #dcmi10
Oct 12, 14

@ldodds will do

@iand yeah, was wondering what they shifted into javascript that was on server side before

@edsu i would imagine its to do with more functionality being driven by javascript

@dchud cool about your talks, would like to see slides if you can make them available #tcdl

@dsarno today's looks like a good start, right? aside from some obvious UI nits i'd say it's very encouraging

Here's what I use for podcasts: -- It was written years before iTunes. They were copying us. FYI. :-)

@dorotheasalo I saw your blog posting this morning -- sorry that ypow is causing you distress.

How the ?$!# can you get PHP to parse a namespaced tag with an attribute in another namespace, eg., <pgterms:etext rdf:ID="etext22164">?
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