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Joe Sabado

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about 21 hours ago

A New Approach to Education Technology Takes Emotions Into Account | Salon #edtech #elearning

about 21 hours ago

Jefferson College To Keep Students on Track with Open Source Advising Software | Campus Technology #edtech #highered

Mar 04, 15

The Unintended Consequences of Borrowing Business Tools to Run a University - by Prez of Lawrence U - @UWSystem

Mar 03, 15

Implement an internal social media channel: Add this to your IT to-do list today by Mary Shacklett

Mar 03, 15

Trends, technology, committees - among 14 assassins of creativity, by Krishna Devulapalli

Mar 03, 15

Separate Yourself From Chronic Complainers - | Fast Company | Business + Innovation #happiness #wellbeing

Mar 02, 15

.@renisac warns against new scams targeting university employees:

  • The office of admissions plays a key role in enrollment management efforts. The first order of business for enrollment managers is to ensure that their university has broad marketing efforts in place to make the institution visible and sufficiently attractive, so that desirable prospective students are motivated to seriously consider them. These marketing efforts should be segmented to appeal to different types of students, emphasizing different strengths of the institution. Once prospective students have expressed interest, campuses need to provide the right information at the right time in order to be perceived as a good match, and thereby attract applications.
Mar 01, 15

Media Training for Academics: How to avoid being misquoted by journalists

Feb 26, 15

I don’t have a job. I have a higher calling. via @WSJ

Feb 26, 15

Engage With Top Influencers In IoT And Wearables Landscape

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