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    • Offscreen Moment of Awesome: In The Rhesus Chart we have a two hundred year old vampire with extensive necromantic power fighting one of the Auditors and then going toe to toe with Angleton which appears to have ended in a mutual kill. And it's relayed to the reader after the fact because everyone who witnessed it is dead and Bob's writing up a committee's post-mortem of what happened.
Mar 27, 15

Techniques used by paid Russian trolls who post pro-government comments on web sites and social media.

Feb 09, 15

Ground Truth is an organization that uses cell phone text message surveys to gather ongoing feedback on the effectiveness of relief programs.

Jan 30, 15

League of Legends developers test different methods to reduce toxic behaviors and abuse and create a better gaming experience for players.

Jan 29, 15

The operational security tradecraft of the Yardbird child porn group, with lessons for any organization interested in security.

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