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Joe Loong

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Sep 16, 16

When Voss analyzed the transcripts of his most unlikely hostage negotiation victories, he discovered that the turning point frequently occurred right after his team took the time to listen to the captor’s argument, summarized that argument back to the captor, and then got the captor to say, “That’s right.” From a book by FBI hostage negotiators Chris Voss, "Never Split the Difference."

Aug 31, 16

Full text of Criminal in Utopia, a short story by Mack Reynolds, in the October 1968 issue of Galaxy magazine. About a police troubleshooter in the future who tests the security of the credit system, by betting he can survive on the run for 24 hours with no money. Features identity theft, basic guaranteed income, automated cars, biometrics, in home instant delivery, and more themes.

Aug 19, 16

Twitter bot creator. As heard on @SciFri

Aug 04, 16

Sim-City like NYC subway building simulator

May 18, 16

Free online browser learning game that shows how the immune system works; as demoed to DC Tech meetup.

Apr 22, 16

Not enough to practice -- perform purposeful practice, with focused, specific, measurable goals, with simple, direct feedback... as well as getting out of your comfort zone.

Apr 08, 16

Address the idea of lawlessness, rapes, lootings, and shootings in the wake of natural disasters.

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