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Aug 28, 15

An interview with Reddit user /u/GallowBoob, a supercontributor with over 5.5 million link karma, whose stuff is habitually on the reddit main page and picked up by other viral news sites.

Aug 27, 15


Aug 11, 15

$40 user-customizable night guard.

Aug 10, 15

A "tritensil," which combines the functions of spoon, knife, and fork.

Jul 29, 15

Followup to the New Yorker Northwest earthquake story, putting the risks in some perspective and outlining steps to prepare.

Jul 16, 15

Examples of how DC's Sibley Memorial Hospital's Innovation Hub uses 24 hour sprints to try to innovate and solve problems. They look to other industries, use human-centered design principles, and use failure and bad ideas to produce good ones.

Jul 15, 15

Michael Cote presentation from DevOpsDays on what happens when DevOps goes mainstream (is implemented by "donkeys", vs unicorns and horses.

Jul 15, 15

Presentation from John Allspaw and Paul Hammond's "10+ Deploys Per Day" presentation from Velocity 2009. Slides here:

Jul 09, 15

A 2006 HBR story that looks at switching costs, and why users devalue resdesigns (even if they work better) and why companies overvalue redesigns. Reference 9x: Users overvalue previous designs by 3x, Companies overvalue new designs by 3x.

Jul 02, 15

"Researchers at native-advertising company Sharethrough says they have narrowed down a thousand words in the English language that are proven to elicit higher emotional engagement." Link via

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