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Joe Loong

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Nov 09, 15


Nov 09, 15

Earth’s days are numbered when a nearby star goes supernova. Seizing the opportunity, an alien race has offered humanity a deal: Be our slaves or be left to die. As one couple struggles toward the last escaping ship, they grapple with the cost of sacrificing their freedom for their survival.

Oct 28, 15

James Mickens funny lecture, "Computers are a sadness, I am the cure." Technically, it's about distributed systems.

Sep 21, 15

Amnesty International YouTube DataViewer, a tool for viewing metadata and upload dates for YouTube video, useful for verifying when videos allegedly taken at events are actually from earlier, non-related events.

Sep 17, 15

8-bit Lunar lander variant where you have to land the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket on a barge.

Sep 15, 15

Service for notifying the credit bureaus that you don't want to receive preapproved credit and insurance offers.

Sep 03, 15

The "Maximum of Maximums" disaster scenarios that concern experts. Includes a link to a fictionalized Los Angeles disaster scenario.

Aug 28, 15

An interview with Reddit user /u/GallowBoob, a supercontributor with over 5.5 million link karma, whose stuff is habitually on the reddit main page and picked up by other viral news sites.

Aug 27, 15


Aug 11, 15

$40 user-customizable night guard.

Aug 10, 15

A "tritensil," which combines the functions of spoon, knife, and fork.

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