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Joanne de Groot

Joanne de Groot's Public Library

Aug 22, 16

So this is fun. If you tweet @NYPLEmoji an emoji, they'll send you a pic from their digital collection!

Aug 20, 16

This Device Is Designed To Distract You From Pain With Virtual Reality:

Aug 14, 16

In response to some CBC Olympics commentary that I felt was sexist, I wrote a blog: #Rio2016

Aug 11, 16

There's still two and a half weeks to join us for some #SummerStartsatEPL WILD fun:

Jul 31, 16

Kudos to the crews at @kdays @RMHCNA for this & for all the work they do #AdventuresOfTeddy

Jul 29, 16

Love. This. Hillary Clinton’s husband wore a fetching pantsuit to honor her nomination for US president via @qz

Jul 27, 16

WATCH: me + friends supporting @HillaryClinton @DemConvention #StrongerTogether #DemsinPhilly

Jul 25, 16

Happy to see this. RT @nationalpost: Ontario’s new culture strategy calls for more Canadian authors in schools

Jul 25, 16

Donate to Alberta's RMHs to create Alberta's largest family photo #ABFamilyPhoto
Members of @edmontonpolice came by today to visit with families and join #ABFamilyPhoto
Aurora wants to meet your family! Donate and join #ABFamilyPhoto today
Meet Isabelle's family! Donate at to join our RMH family #ABFamilyPhoto
Show us what family means to you by joining #ABFamilyPhoto at #yeg #community
Join #ABFamilyPhoto today. With your help, we can provide a place of support to families
. @FCEdmontonNow made an incredible #MealsThatMend lunch, & they're a part of #ABFamilyPhoto
Donations keep our #Shuttle on the road! and help keep families close! #ABFamilyPhoto

Jul 24, 16

.@edmontonjournal wrote about the free Girls + Code program running @EPLdotCA #makerspace w/ my colleague @Sandra_XS

Jul 23, 16

Improving patient sleep in pediatric intensive care units

Jul 19, 16

HUGE thanks to @FROGBOX #yeg. This office move and Block Party would have been very difficult w/o you! #kindness

Jul 18, 16

Using my iPhone and RoundMe I created a virtual tour of my recently demolished school. @googlechrome

Jul 17, 16

Thank you @CassieCampbell ! You are a part of the RMHC family every day and we ❤️ you and your family #ABFamilyPhoto

Jul 14, 16

Congrats Carla Hayden, our newest Librarian of Congress! Her confirmation is certainly one for the history books.

Jul 09, 16

"I am proof that unconditional love and respect can not only save, but can transform lives."

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