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Oct 21, 09

Very cool 3D models/sculptures made from __hundreds of photos__ of the original subjects.

Oct 21, 09

42 essential __3rd Act__ twists. Beautiful design and a wicked execution.

Oct 18, 09

Great developers - __not programming languages__ - build great products.

Oct 18, 09

Some very cool __Lego models__ (I don't think sculpture is the right word).

Oct 18, 09

A satirical take on the 30 republicans who voted against a provision to not do business with contractors (Halliburton, etc.) who think __gang rape cases__ should not be handled by the U.S. justice system, but instead by private arbitration.

Oct 18, 09

A Louisiana justice of peace __refuses to marry interracial couples__ for the sake of the children.

Oct 18, 09

The __Fitbit__ looks like a very nice piece of kit for those of you who like to collect stats on your exercise regime. Not only that it can tell you how well you sleep at night. Looks to be a very reasonable purchase for $99.

Oct 18, 09

The first lollipop machine could produce 40 lollipops per minute. Click through for more __lollipop facts__.

Oct 16, 09

The __unix-jun72__ project - restoration of 1st Edition UNIX kernel sources from pdf document.

Oct 15, 09

All your social media are belong to __donkey fluff__ (by <a href=""></a>).

Oct 15, 09

A good looking, innovative, and __water-reusing toilet__.

Oct 09, 09

There are some __sweet looking__ concept cars at the Tokyo Motor Show 2009.

Oct 06, 09

"__glunote__ is a note taking application that works directly with Twitter - take and retrieve your notes using either your favorite Twitter client, Twitter itself, or right here at"

Oct 05, 09

"Kicking off its MAX 2009 developers conference, Adobe announced today that full Flash capabilities are coming to all the major smartphone platforms — except one. Yep, once again __Apple is standing outside an alliance__ with “open” in its name."

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