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about 2 hours ago

"What is GraphQL?
A GraphQL query is a string that is sent to a server to be interpreted and fulfilled, which then returns JSON back to the client."

Oct 06, 15

"As I hear stories about teams using a microservices architecture, I've noticed a common pattern.

Almost all the successful microservice stories have started with a monolith that got too big and was broken up
Almost all the cases where I've heard of a system that was built as a microservice system from scratch, it has ended up in serious trouble."

Oct 06, 15

"As with all fashionable practices, it starts out innocently enough, someone tries it, it works out very well for them, they present it in an eloquent way that outlines all the advantages of the new practice, and everyone is excited and eager to try it out. Soon, you have a deluge of articles saying how well it works, and how more people tried it with great results. What you don’t hear, though, is the cases where it didn’t work, simply because people aren’t as motivated to write about their failures.


Oct 01, 15

"Every once in awhile, you hear a story like “there was a case of a 1-Gbps NIC card on a machine that suddenly was transmitting only at 1 Kbps, which then caused a chain reaction upstream in such a way that the performance of the entire workload of a 100-node cluster was crawling at a snail’s pace, effectively making the system unavailable for all practical purposes”. The stories are interesting and the postmortems are fun to read, but it’s not really clear how vulnerable systems are to this kind of failure or how prevalent these failures are."

Sep 30, 15

HN Discussion around "Otto, the successor to Vagrant"

Sep 29, 15

"Load testing is very difficult to get right and probably one of the more exciting types of testing that one gets to do. The most popular load testing tool is Apache's JMeter but in my experience Tsung allows me to squeeze more juice out of my machines and the fact that it is very easy to setup makes it a winner in my books."

Sep 29, 15

"This HOWTO page describes how to checkpoint and restore a Docker container."

  • This HOWTO page describes how to checkpoint and restore a Docker container
Sep 29, 15

"Checkpoint/Restore In Userspace, or CRIU (pronounced kree-oo, IPA: /krɪʊ/, Russian: криу), is a software tool for Linux operating system. Using this tool, you can freeze a running application (or part of it) and checkpoint it to a hard drive as a collection of files. You can then use the files to restore and run the application from the point it was frozen at. The distinctive feature of the CRIU project is that it is mainly implemented in user space."

Sep 25, 15

Font tweaker -- very impressive and shows how font design is hard.

Sep 23, 15

"ScyllaDB: world's fastest NoSQL column store database
Fully compatible with Apache Cassandra at 10x the throughput and jaw dropping low latency"

Sep 21, 15

"Java is one of the most popular programming languages around, but no one seems to enjoy using it. Well, Java is actually an alright programming language, and since Java 8 came out recently, I decided to compile a list of libraries, practices, and tools to make using Java better. "Better" is subjective, so I would recommend taking the parts that speak to you and use them, rather than trying to use all of them at once. Feel free to submit pull requests suggesting additions."

Sep 20, 15

Nice HN discussion on "Introduction to Monte Carlo Tree Search ("

Sep 20, 15

"there is a game AI technique that does do well for games with a high branching factor and has come to dominate the field of Go playing programs. It is easy to create a basic implementation of this algorithm that will give good results for games with a smaller branching factor, and relatively simple adaptations can build on it and improve it for games like Chess or Go. It can be configured to stop after any desired amount of time, with longer times resulting in stronger game play. Since it doesn't necessarily require game-specific knowledge, it can be used for general game playing. It may even be adaptable to games that incorporate randomness in the rules. This technique is called Monte Carlo Tree Search. In this article I will describe how MCTS works, specifically a variant called Upper Confidence bound applied to Trees (UCT), and then will show you how to build a basic implementation in Python."

Sep 20, 15

"Monte carlo techniques have started to get good results in 9x9 in the past two or three years. Quick summary: from any board position you can evaluate it by playing hundreds or thousands of random games. Even though each game has some insanely stupid moves, taken as a whole intelligence emerges: the most popular estimate can be taken as the evaluation of the position (and so by trying each move and analyzing in this way you can choose the best move). You can also merge the terminal positions of all those random games to built up a probability map of territory ownership."

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