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Apr 04, 12

Another good article on learning from professional sports teams and their talent management practices.

Jul 15, 10

Mark provides his take on the Kenexa analyst day - very bullish on its prospects. We have maintained since our initial published research on talent management in 2005 that the combination of applications, content (competencies, analytics, etc.), and services would be required to get the most from talent management investments. More services businesses are getting involved (like Mercer). The market is evolving from automation to effectiveness.

Jul 14, 10

Interesting take on the challenges of referral recruiting using social technologies. I do not agree though that recruiting should be part of procurement.

Jul 02, 10

For those in interested in a nice summary of jobs data take a look at the latest from the June 2010 report.

Jun 29, 10

One more survey about Talent Management, from Mercer, for good measure in the links today.

Jun 29, 10

More survey data on talent management adoption - this time from E&Y.

Jun 29, 10

Great post on performance management as a lever to achieve specific business outcomes. I wrote about the concept in a broader sense for talent management at the end of 2007 here "Unlocking the Strategic Value From Talent Management Application Investments" - Gartner subscription required. However, the notion of performance variance as something to manage is an interesting one.

May 17, 10

You could put HCM for CRM and employee for account and it would equally true.

May 17, 10

A great example of an analytic methodology to use to improve candidate sourcing effectiveness.

Mar 19, 10

John Sumser's presentation on Recruiting Disruption from ERE. It is a good use of Scenario Planning for driving a discussion about how the future might unfold.

Mar 19, 10

Interesting case study from Sodexo about building talent communities (from ERE conference).

Mar 09, 10

Great post. It all starts with the business metrics. The key is to understand how HR interventions move the needle.

Feb 12, 10

This post gives a glimpse into the future of how traditional HCM thinking needs to evolve based on social networking - a must read.

Feb 10, 10

Gartner's first take on SuccessFactors' acquisition of Inform (formerly InfoHRM).

Dec 14, 09

I was going to write something similar for different reasons. I think HR organizations are intrigued by social media, know they should do something about it, but do not really know what. In the discussions I have with clients, it rarely comes up (only for sourcing in recruiting). I know others at Gartner take calls on it, but if HR and HRIT organizations were that focused on it, I would think it would show up a lot more. Ok, I am ready for the luddite label.

Dec 14, 09

Great observations about high performance teams. Great talent management is much more than tools and technology, it is about creating a culture that fosters high performance.

Dec 10, 09

Nice post on the Unilever experience around agile workplaces. It should be a model for many large organizations.

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