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08 Jul 10

Interesting taxonomy of social processes from Jim Sinur at Gartner.

29 Jun 10

Sometimes it is better to focus on simplicity instead of sophistication.

29 Jun 10

I just thought this was pretty cool. There are some important lessons though in terms of leveraging tech and focusing on specific business outcomes.

19 Mar 10

Interesting data on consumer social networking usage (hat tip to @clarashih).

12 Feb 10

This post gives a glimpse into the future of how traditional HCM thinking needs to evolve based on social networking - a must read.

14 Dec 09

I was going to write something similar for different reasons. I think HR organizations are intrigued by social media, know they should do something about it, but do not really know what. In the discussions I have with clients, it rarely comes up (only for sourcing in recruiting). I know others at Gartner take calls on it, but if HR and HRIT organizations were that focused on it, I would think it would show up a lot more. Ok, I am ready for the luddite label.

08 Dec 09

Important post about Social Recruiting. It starts to get at the nuance that the differentiators of vendors in this area are not transactional activities (like posting jobs). It is leveraging the data collected about sourcing and relationships to do a more effective job.

04 Dec 08

Interesting post about social networking. I have done informal polls at various speaking engagements and I would say I have seen similar results for HR professional in general.

26 Nov 08

This is a good case study about nGenera's use of social networking to improve recruiting effectiveness.

04 Sep 08

A good post on the importance of social network analysis and its relation to the formal organizational hierarchy.

12 Aug 08

Jason points out a compelling use case for social software -- one most organization have yet to take advantage of.

12 Aug 08

It is good to remember as the hype builds around social software in the HCM world that there are potential pitfalls too.

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