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10 Mar 11

Interesting point of view on what it takes to be a successful SaaS vendor.

15 Feb 11

Good article about for both SaaS vendors and customers looking to buy from SaaS vendors.

14 Dec 10

Interesting read from 11 years ago about vs. Siebel.

11 Jun 10

This post is a good reminder that there are multiple ways to architect multi-tenancy. Each has strengths and challenges.

02 Apr 10

Fantastic post on the tradeoffs of SaaS arch design decisions.

04 Sep 09

It is an interesting dichotomy that HR professionals are typically not tech savvy, yet leading edge technology is often used in HR first. HR was early adopters of client/server (HRMS) and multi-tenant SaaS (Recruiting) solutions. I agree with the overall point though - HR and IT need to partner to get the best results.

05 Jun 09

This is an important development in the SMB space, not only for PaaS and SaaS, but also for payroll outsourcing.

25 Mar 09

I was going to write about how wrong it is for Taleo to have to recognize services revenue ratably over the course of its software contracts, but Dennis beat me to the punch. Please see my previous post as well

26 Jan 09

From InformationWeek -- "The slow economy plus alternatives such as SaaS and open source could pressure vendors into offering lower-cost options." Maybe, but customers also gravitate to "safe choices" when there is a lot of market uncertainty.

09 Dec 08

Interesting perspective on sales and marketing expenditures for SaaS vendors.

22 Jul 08

Subscription Required: I just published this note on the adoption of SaaS in HCM. I have also add the link to the My Gartner Research page with a little more description.

16 Jul 08

Hat tip to Vinnie Mirchandani for the link to this post on Cloud Computing and SaaS. It is interesting framework for making buy vs. build and delivery model choices, but I find most customers are agnostic about the delivery model (they want to buy the be

20 Jun 08

An interesting take on different styles of SaaS architectures.

28 Feb 08

Thanks to Brian Sommer for this post from VC Bessemer. It is a good read for any SaaS vendor (or customer looking at the viability of SaaS vendors). I do not agree entirely with all the points (one datacenter, multi-tenant architecture), but it is good

20 Dec 07

The video provides a look inside the ADP and SAP partnership as well as the roadmap for the delivery of payroll for SAP BBD.

21 Nov 07

Interesting commentary on the SuccessFactors IPO yesterday (ticker: SFX for those interested in the stock).

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