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Mar 10, 11

Very savvy point of view on key things driving development of the HCM software market.

Jul 15, 10

Mark provides his take on the Kenexa analyst day - very bullish on its prospects. We have maintained since our initial published research on talent management in 2005 that the combination of applications, content (competencies, analytics, etc.), and services would be required to get the most from talent management investments. More services businesses are getting involved (like Mercer). The market is evolving from automation to effectiveness.

Jul 15, 10

Employers who plan to use the .jobs domain to understand what is happening with it. The post and the links provide important information to consider.

Jul 14, 10

Interesting take on the challenges of referral recruiting using social technologies. I do not agree though that recruiting should be part of procurement.

Jun 01, 10

Interesting read with implications for performance management solutions. I am not sure I agree that once you are a "B" or "C" player there is no opportunity for movement or improvement in a hierarchical organization, but it is thought-provoking nonetheless.

Jun 01, 10

Another good read from Dr. Sullivan. In addition to identifying where in the process issues may arise, I would also add that you should follow good quality management techniques. The earlier you can identify an error (or defect in QM terms) in the process, the less it costs (using the term loosely here) to fix.

Jun 01, 10

Great post on the importance of metrics HR organizations and communicating results. I would add that it is even better if you can get the CFO to be your ally in terms of formulating those metrics and tying them to business value.

May 26, 10

This is an important post that has good recent research on employment trends which provide context to Libby's warning to HR professionals to proactively prepare for upcoming talent challenges as the economy improves.

May 17, 10

You could put HCM for CRM and employee for account and it would equally true.

Mar 19, 10

John Sumser's presentation on Recruiting Disruption from ERE. It is a good use of Scenario Planning for driving a discussion about how the future might unfold.

Mar 19, 10

Interesting case study from Sodexo about building talent communities (from ERE conference).

Mar 09, 10

Great post. It all starts with the business metrics. The key is to understand how HR interventions move the needle.

Feb 19, 10

For those interested in keeping up with US employment numbers.

Feb 12, 10

This post gives a glimpse into the future of how traditional HCM thinking needs to evolve based on social networking - a must read.

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