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Apr 04, 12

Some important thinking around pay for performance. It is another way of thinking about "how" vs. "what" for performance appraisals with good examples cited.

Jun 29, 10

Great post on performance management as a lever to achieve specific business outcomes. I wrote about the concept in a broader sense for talent management at the end of 2007 here "Unlocking the Strategic Value From Talent Management Application Investments" - Gartner subscription required. However, the notion of performance variance as something to manage is an interesting one.

Jun 01, 10

Interesting read with implications for performance management solutions. I am not sure I agree that once you are a "B" or "C" player there is no opportunity for movement or improvement in a hierarchical organization, but it is thought-provoking nonetheless.

Feb 05, 10

Great post that shows EPM functionality and process take a back seat to content and conversation in getting better performance.

Dec 10, 09

Nice post on the Unilever experience around agile workplaces. It should be a model for many large organizations.

Sep 15, 09

Taleo has had an exclusive option to buy WWC. It has now agreed to do so.

Sep 01, 09

Another important reminder that managing performance goes well beyond the systems we use to capture and document feedback. This is critical to any discussion of pay for performance.

Aug 31, 09

There are certainly some managers who are better at managing than other managers. Language suggestion tools have a place in helping weaker managers provide higher quality feedback, but I think pretty much everyone would agree that this goes too far.

Aug 28, 09

Another good reminder that technology can be enabler of good talent management, but how people use it makes all of the difference.

Aug 10, 09

Cool presentation on the performance-driven culture at Netflix.

Jul 24, 09

This is important insight into how compensation management systems need to evolve. Planning is only aspect. Better modeling of scenarios and budgeting are definitely areas for improvement.

May 01, 09

The intro says it all: "Effective performance management is not the result of a well-written review form, or even an expensive software solution. These are tools that can help, but they won’t magically make all of your managers experts at delivering performance feedback."

Apr 30, 09

Another example of free talent management solution (in addition to SmartRecruiters, OpenApplicant - Recruiting, and Geo On-Demand - Learning).

Apr 09, 09

This is a really good post (and links) about performance management. I do not think there is a one size fits all answer. Performance reviews can serve many purposes. It is important to understand what you want to impact (or not impact if you choose not to do them) and then make sure you align your strategy, processes, and technology to help achieve it.

Mar 09, 09

Thought provoking research about the dangers of goal setting. It reinforces the point that a company can have the best process and technology for performance management and get terrible (even dangerous) results if they do not set the right kinds of goals.

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