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Jul 15, 10

Employers who plan to use the .jobs domain to understand what is happening with it. The post and the links provide important information to consider.

Jun 01, 10

Another good read from Dr. Sullivan. In addition to identifying where in the process issues may arise, I would also add that you should follow good quality management techniques. The earlier you can identify an error (or defect in QM terms) in the process, the less it costs (using the term loosely here) to fix.

Mar 19, 10

John Sumser's presentation on Recruiting Disruption from ERE. It is a good use of Scenario Planning for driving a discussion about how the future might unfold.

Mar 19, 10

Interesting case study from Sodexo about building talent communities (from ERE conference).

Jan 13, 10

You could substitute candidate for customer and see the same types of problems with Social Recruiting.

Dec 08, 09

Important post about Social Recruiting. It starts to get at the nuance that the differentiators of vendors in this area are not transactional activities (like posting jobs). It is leveraging the data collected about sourcing and relationships to do a more effective job.

Nov 03, 09

Very interesting post about effective candidate sourcing (hat tip to @SteveBoese). Automating common practices does not always lead to optimal results.

Sep 10, 09

A good reminder that sourcing does not entirely revolve around social technologies. Also, QuietAgent was one of the vendors in our "Cool Vendors in Human Capital Management Software, 2009" research note.

Aug 24, 09

Some call it "poaching", but whatever term you might apply to it, Dr. Sullivan points out that it is a good time to lure top talent into your firm. Organizations that have already proactively built talent pools for critical roles that include passive candidates are well-positioned to take advantage of the opportunity.

Jul 29, 09

Provocative post. Setting aside the data privacy issues, it is good to see "outside the box" thinking. 10 years from now we will probably look at the resume as a quaint artifact. There is still a place for the ATS, but a lot of the innovation is happening in candidate sourcing/screening/assessment.

Jul 22, 09

A great example of segmentation in terms of talent pipeline creation.

Jun 08, 09

Interesting survey results about the candidate perspective for job searching.

Jun 05, 09

When I saw the title, I was going to get the flamethrower out on this one. Creating busy work to keep people on staff usually is not a good idea. However, there are a number of good ideas (outplacement services, building talent pool pipelines, training hiring managers) that are relevant in good times as well as bad.

Jun 01, 09

For those interested in Vurv founder, Derek Mercer's next gig.

May 04, 09

Ron Bower, Director of Sourcing at AmTrust Bank, talks about how his company managed to keep their award-winning employee referral program intact (but focused differently) throughout the recession.

Apr 30, 09

Another example of free talent management solution (in addition to SmartRecruiters, OpenApplicant - Recruiting, and Geo On-Demand - Learning).

Apr 15, 09

I think it will eventually become obsolete. An online profile is a much richer medium than a resume. However, it probably will not happen quickly.

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