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  • We make a change and we measure it
  • Deane disagrees with those who worry about exposing kids to education "experiments"
  • Our responsibility is to make schools better. We don't have time to waste. Every initiative is good if we can learn from it,

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  • a bottom-up approach to innovation, supporting teacher-driven efforts to transform the classroom
  • in order to spur innovative practices, you have to encourage teachers to experiment without the fear of being punished.
  • look outside the district for ideas, but they should lean on expertise within the district to make decisions,

  • Educational innovation
  • They cannot be replicated exactly in different settings
  • Because the innovation is going to have to be adapted, if implementers only have a rote or cursory understanding of what they are doing, they will not be able to make the necessary adjustments.  Spend time in developing an implementation leadership team that will learn deeply the theory and research, to understand where and why the innovation has succeeded and failed in the past and how this compares to your unique circumstances

  • Lesson learned: Figure out how you'll generate revenue early and if you personally don't like doing sales, quickly find someone who will focus exclusively on this. Trust me—it will make all the difference.
  • Today, based on customer feedback, we have greatly simplified our pricing
  • Pricing changes can hurt sales but so can product changes

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  • Rather, companies need to develop strong change leaders employees know and respect

  • providing the competency report card could transform college admissions
  • “To be truly not time bound in how we organize our school, we need kids to have platforms where they can move at their own pace,”
  • Sanborn needs a very flexible student information and grading system that lets all teachers access all the competencies and report them out to parents in an easily digestible way.

  • Independent schools have the benefit of independence but most don’t use the degrees of freedom to innovate.
  • Like new technology, we often can’t express what we want until we experience it.

  • So far, no one in the US or the world has combined the system reform with systemic innovation at scale.
  • Some time soon, some system in the world will get this combination right and achieve lift-off in performance

  • The system beats the creativity out of them. Kids have been trained that way; my first job is to unteach them
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