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  • What is the “secret sauce” in a district’s culture of operation that allows innovation to flourish? And how can those attitudes and approaches be replicated and scaled up in other places?
  • Those factors include strong leadership, empowered teachers and students, an infusion of technology districtwide, the creation of an organization with continuous learning at its core, and the freedom to experiment.

  • AI technologies can track learners by building a model of what a students knows based on their successes and errors in solving problems. AI technologies can adapt to students by changing the sequence of problems presented to students and by changing the interactions of the computer with the student on specific steps of a problem
  • Implementing step-based feedback on a computer requires representing how problems are solved step-by-step; AI technologies are a good choice for specifying these step-by-step processes. In general, however, building an expert model that is suitable for use in education is a difficult and slow undertaking, requiring highly skilled labor and access to expertise. Therefore, a key difference between the Minsky’s vision and practical accomplishments of AI in Ed is the careful selection of a constrained and well-specified domain of knowledge

  • is deeper learning something new under the sun or just a re-branding of old educational dogmas?
  • Is deeper learning a single, overarching concept, spanning the whole curriculum, or does it take one form in algebra and another in history?  That is, could the various academic subject areas each have their own ways of defining what it means to learn deeply?
  • self-determination theory, developed by the psychologists Edward Deci and Richard Ryan, which suggests that what young people need most are opportunities to define and express their own identities, build competence in various domains, and enter into satisfying, collaborative relationships. Unlike grittiness, these things clearly lend themselves to instruction

  • I always joke that when people say “we need to redesign education,” they’re saying something like “let’s redesign commerce!” It’s just that big.
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