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    • Step 1 - Build the Flipped Form

      Below are some tips on items you might want to include when building your Google Form:

      • Click Here for some slick tips and tricks to building custom forms
      • Customize the Theme, Insert PageBreak, Validate Text Response, Insert Videos, Insert Images

      Step 2 - Redirecting with Adaptive Test Building

      Use the Links below to set-up an adaptive test:

      • Click Here to learn how to Map an Adaptive Assessment.
      • If a student gets a question wrong, re-direct them to more input.
      • If a student gets a question wrong a second time, ask them in a a different manner to explain their thinking.
      • Click Here to learn to build the Adaptive Assessment into a Google Form

      Step 3 - Set up AutoScoring and AutoGenerated Feedback

      1. Click here for directions to set up Flubaroo.
      2. Build Form, (You can copy this form for practice) Launch Response Sheet
      3. Take your own quiz to create answer key
      4. Goto response sheet, click Add-on, Flubaroo> Advanced> Enable AutoGrade
      5. Follow the step set up.
      6. Launch quiz with participants
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