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  • It’s okay to say “I don’t know.”
  • Take the time to answer.
  • You may speak but a word to a child, and in that child there may be slumbering a noble heart which shall stir the Christian church in years to come

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  • One of the ways the pastor shows his love is by feeding the flock (the church) the Word of God.
  • How then does the pastor lead, feed, and protect the sheep? It is through the ministry of the Word of God.
  • What is the content of this loving ministry? It is to be doctrinal preaching. Doctrinal preaching is preaching that endeavors to teach theological truth.

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  • If you want teens—whether in your home or youth group—to appreciate the Bible, the first thing you must do is trust its relevance in your own heart
  • The sad reality is that many young people don’t take to God’s Word because they’re spiritually dead
    • Impress our need for what the Bible teaches us, showing that we cannot ultimately meet that need on our own.
    • Show where the Bible talks about the very same thing teenagers experience, and point to the solution it gives (which will usually be different than our natural response).
    • Show how that answer ultimately comes to us through what Jesus has done for us.

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  • Since 1979, Protestant Christianity has been growing in China at a compound annual growth rate of more than 10 percent. There were 3 million Christians in China in 1980, compared to 58 million in 2010, according to Fenggyang Yang, director of the Center of Religion and Chinese Society at Purdue University. By 2025, that number could swell to 250 to 300 million.
  • While it might seem surprising that Christianity could grow in the face of such repression, it is repression that prompted the growth of Christianity in the first place.
  • Interestingly, Protestant Christianity is growing much faster in China than Catholic Christianity, almost certainly because the Roman Catholic Church has practiced a doctrine of appeasement to the Chinese government.

  • The failed tests will raise further speculation about the extent of doping at the Games, just weeks before the Rio Olympics starts.

  • Today is J. I. Packer’s 90th birthday.
  • First, few theologians are as thoroughly and pervasively Christo-centric as Packer.
  • Second, although I’m profoundly grateful for all his writings, I want to especially highlight a short introduction he wrote to John Owen’s, The Death of Death in the Death of Christ

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  • For my part, my conscience is more important to me than the outcome of this presidential election. I cannot in good conscience vote for either Clinton or Trump. What matters for me is that I cannot bring myself to intend, to will the victory of either of these ludicrously unacceptable presidential candidates. And that is what a vote for one of them would be—an act of willing that Clinton or Trump be president, carry out her or his stated policy aims, and bring his or her fundamentally bad character to the highest office in the land.

  • If Chinese Christian families are to break out of traditional understandings of family and to weather challenges from modern social norms, they must build Christian institutions that both teach Christian ethics and are strong enough to engage with wider Chinese society. One such institution Chinese Christians must continue to develop is Christian education

  • The term immanent Trinity refers to God with respect to his own eternal life; the term economic Trinity refers to God with respect to his action in creation and redemption.
  • The persons, or hypostases, are three instantiations of the one divine nature. However, most of the things that we would associate with personhood--knowledge, will, love, wisdom, mind, etc.--are grounded, not in the three hypostases, but in the one divine nature. In this respect, if we were working in terms of our modern usage of the term 'person', in some respects God might be more aptly spoken of as one 'person' with three self-relations, rather than as one being in three persons. This language still falls far short, though.

  • Just pray. It is always the right thing to do
  • Kindle even a small flame in your soul with the warmth of the Good News.
  • boldness is the Christian’s birthright

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  • Many conversations with men over the years have convinced me that porn addiction is indeed very real, but like any addiction it is also just a symptom.
  • and consensual.
  • To define porn use as an addiction then, just like any other addiction, it has to cause problems.

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  • Preachers preach theology, but what about our theology on preaching?

  • Kiwi freediver William Trubridge has set a new world record, beating his old mark of 101m for the deepest unassisted dive in history.

  • Though complementarians have consistently upheld this view, this truth deserves to be stated and restated with clarity: It is not the husband’s right to force or coerce his wife to submit. Submission is voluntary on a wife’s part, and her choice entirely.

  • Functioning in a legal gray area, China’s unregistered congregations have—particularly in the cities—come “above ground” by meeting openly in fixed locations. Some have become quite large and carry out a variety of programs directed at strengthening their members and having a witness in society. Yet their lack of legal status prevents them from defending themselves against official abuse. Their tentative legal position also keeps these groups from serving society through active participation in China’s growing local charity sector.

  • Young Christian families in China face pressure both from long-held traditional beliefs about family structure and from China’s contemporary materialistic society. As most of these Christians are first-generation believers, they have no frame of reference for understanding the biblical basis for family life. ChinaSource seeks to bring to light the issues facing these families so that those who come alongside Christians in China may better understand their needs.

  • The term a cappella nowadays is generally assumed to mean a piece of vocal music without instrumental accompaniment, but it wasn’t always this way. The origins of the term go back to the 16th century, when it was used to refer to compositions in the style of church or chapel music, in which instruments accompanied multiple vocal performers by playing the same notes they sung. It was only from the 19th century onwards that a cappella started to refer to its modern meaning.

  • By June, he had come to the conclusion that he would never be able to forgive himself if the mythologised Trump he had helped to create was elected President of the United States.

    "I genuinely believe that if Trump wins and gets the nuclear codes there is an excellent possibility it will lead to the end of civilisation."

  • His short attention span had left him with "a stunning level of superficial knowledge and plain ignorance"
  • More than anyone else I have ever met, Trump has the ability to convince himself that whatever he is saying at any given moment is true, or sort of true, or at least ought to be true."

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  • The bulk of the house church is made up of farmers/migrant workers, and even though it is very difficult for them to blend into mainstream city life, they depend on Christianity to build their own society, their own culture, their own values, and especially their own organizational networks. They are no longer ordinary farmers/migrant workers. They are members of a tightly-knit religious group with a clear and strong faith; furthermore, they do not fear oppression.  
  • Over the past three decades, the house churches have grown into the largest institution in China that remains outside the control of the Communist Party. What political course the house churches will take in the next three decades depends on whether or not the government can integrate them into the management system.
  • Due to complex historical, political, religious, and social reasons, joining the TSPM is not an option for house churches. This is the fundamental reason why house churches exist, and compromise on this issue is not an option. Any thought of taking advantage of the documentation system to incorporate the house churches into the Three-Self system can only undermine the implementation of the system.

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