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  • One of the most powerful smoking deterrents, he says, is making cigarettes more expensive.
  • effects of tax and price are more well studied than any other area of tobacco control.
  • if you increase the price by 10% you will decrease total cigarette consumption by 3 to 4%.

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  • Beyond Meat has created a meat alternative
  • soy and pea proteins
  • BrightFarms works with the big grocers to harvest lettuce, tomatoes, and herbs on-site (or nearby) in large hydroponic greenhouses.

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    Kevin is an entrepreneur and sociologist passionate about our common humanity. He is a Founding Partner and Chief People Officer at Entangled Ventures, an EdTech studio company. He started Homeless GoPro after visiting the gravesite of his Uncle Mark, who was homeless for over 30 years. Read the backstory.

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14 Apr 14

king trumpet mushroom salad, andouille sausage, pecans, parmesan, cocoa nib $14

        BE GREEN NOW        Up to $9,999.99   

  • $1,000 minimum to open an account.
  • When you invest in the RSF Social Investment Fund, we issue an investment note with a quarterly term. This note is automatically renewed at the end of each quarter, unless you notify us
  • The interest rate on your investment note varies quarterly, averaging 0.56% over the last year (2013) and 0.83% over the last five years. The current interest rate for investment notes is 0.25%.

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  • credit unions do not necessarily have the same potential to cause widespread change in business practices as ethical banks do. This is because credit unions largely avoid the problem of funding unethical corporate/business activities by focusing on funding local businesses, which are easier to monitor and arguably less capable of generating wide-reaching social and environmental benefit.

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  • make your own belt with a buckle.
    5 min. / 8 max.
  • Glass Fusing — create colorful mosaic tiles using glass-cutting, shaping, and fusing techniques—often of an organization’s logo or other work related image—in about two-hours.
    8 min. / 20 max.


  •  Guess where those places are? Barber shops, rap concerts, and most importantly, in the black church. And I've been framing this idea called Pentecostal pedagogy. Who here has been to a black church? We got a couple of hands. You go to a black church, their preacher starts off and he realizes that he has to engage the audience, so he starts off with this sort of wordplay in the beginning oftentimes, and then he takes a pause, and he says, "Oh my gosh, they're not quite paying attention." So he says, "Can I get an amen?"  


      4:19   Audience: Amen.  


      4:20   Chris Emdin: So I can I get an amen? Audience: Amen.

  • CE: And all of a sudden, everybody's reawoken. That preacher bangs on the pulpit for attention. He drops his voice at a very, very low volume when he wants people to key into him, and those things are the skills that we need for the most engaging teachers. So why does teacher education only give you theory and theory and tell you about standards and tell you about all of these things that have nothing to do with the basic skills, that magic that you need to engage an audience, to engage a student? So I make the argument that we reframe teacher education, that we could focus on content, and that's fine, and we could focus on theories, and that's fine, but content and theories with the absence of the magic of teaching and learning means nothing
  • You've got to go in there and hang out at the barbershop, you've got to attend that black church, and you've got to view those folks that have the power to engage and just take notes on what they do

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  • total 8 HOURS of homebuyer education.
  • all workshops and counseling should be done at the same agency.

    The required 6 HOURS * of workshops is offered as follows:


    MEDA, Asian Inc. and SF HDC: One 6 HOUR class, usually all day on a Saturday

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    For the block’s current tenants, most of whom have leases expiring before the end of the year, no building plan, no matter how unique, can ease the sting of displacement.


    “I’m furious we’re being pushed out,” said Gary Siegel, the owner of the San Francisco Auto Repair Center which has been in business on the block for 36 years. “I’m looking for another location, but chances are we’re not going to find anything in this neighborhood.”


    Podell also said that 100 percent of the units will be for rent and not condos. To comply with the city’s inclusionary housing law, Podell plans to allot 44 of the 276 units to on-site affordable housing.

  • Much of that activity at CELLspace was unregulated and not properly permitted, prompting the art space’s landlord not to renew their lease in 2012. When Eric Reid and his partner Mike Gaines, longtime members of CELLspace’s community, took over the business and renamed it Inner Mission they wanted to give the institution legitimacy

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  • April 2012 Salisbury Fire Department Newsletter
  • compact fluorescent lamp (CFL)
  • fire hazard associated with these ballasts, but that is a conversation for another day.

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10 Apr 14

Claudia Flores, City Planner, last tenant on the leave left so rent doubled.

Blue Walcher OMI/Ellis evicted in mission

  • The first is the one everyone knows about, which is trouble falling sleep. The second kind of insomnia is trouble staying asleep

  • This CD deals very well with the first type of insomnia. It will put you to sleep. However, it is very weak on the second type of insomnia.

  • Be warned, this CD has a second tract that deals with productive dreaming, that will automatically play if you keep your CD player running.

  • We were about to become early adopters in the trend that is beginning to make outdoor cats as socially unacceptable

  • cats have caused or contributed to the extinction of 33 species. But all of those species were living on islands and many had likely never seen a predator before early navigators introduced cats
  • Cats are three to four times more likely than dogs to carry rabies, a

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