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  • While President of the Board of Supervisors, he pushed housing reform, curbing Ellis Act flagrancies; protected the bay from more landfilling and women form harassment and Planned Parenthood clinics.

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  • Oct. 31 2012
  • the mailers.  It arrived yesterday at the home of a New Hampshire woman who is registered as “Undeclared” (how the state classifies those without party affiliation) but otherwise likely resembles a Democratic turnout target

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  • About a quarter of the 64 fish purchased at fish markets in Half Moon Bay and Princeton and analyzed for the study turned out to have bits of synthetic clothing in their guts,
  • Plastic clothing fibers were found in the guts of about one-fourth of the smelt, anchovy, rockfish, bass, salmon, sanddab, cod and oysters.

  • By Larry Bush


    APRIL 27, 2015

  • The Friends of Ethics will ask the Ethics Commission Monday/27 to place a ballot measure for the November election reinstating reporting of all spending aimed at City Hall decisions. What’s been missing since 2010 is how much money is spent to influence City Hall by corporations that urge so-called grassroots groups to do the lobbying.


    Lobbying that involves actually contacting City Hall must be reported, although that, too, is not nearly as complete as it ought to be. Until 2010, spending to reach the public to then reach back to City Hall also was reported. A “streamlining” of the law eliminated disclosure of hundreds of thousands of dollars spent pushing City Hall by such companies as PG&E and AT&T.


    Take SFBARF, for example. The group, which seeks to counter growth control in favor of building housing without affordability or other conditions, declines to disclose its donors.

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  • “Did you lose weight?”
  • “Are you tired and/or sick?”
  • “Are you pregnant?” OR “When are you due?”

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  • September 16, 2015
  • Galbraith's Oakland accommodations are actually single-family residential homes, most of which he bought in foreclosure. And according to city records, he has never obtained a business license required to operate a hotel, let alone five. He also hasn't obtained the permits needed to run a bed and breakfast, which is only legal in Oakland if the owner also lives onsite. And Galbraith hasn't obtained the business license needed to operate as a landlord in the city, nor has he paid Oakland's hotel tax, or the city's residential rental landlord taxes.

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  • Sierra Club
     San Francisco Tenants Union
  • SF League of Pissed Off Voters
  • Organized Labor
     California Nurses Association
     United Educators of San Francisco

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       By            Michael Grothaus
  • American Heart Association says men should eat no more than 37.5 grams of sugar a day and women should eat no more than 25 grams.
  • World Health Organization now says even those allowances are too high, suggesting both men and women should eat 25 grams or fewer each day.

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  • 07/07/2015
  • "Apple juice is worse for you than soda,"

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  • Dr. Lustig, a pediatric endocrinologist who runs a weight management clinic for children and families at the University of California, San Francisco, says that “anti-processed food guy” would be a more appropriate nickname,
  • We do one thing at our clinic that nobody else does, and it’s the key to our success. We do something called “the teaching breakfast.” Every kid comes in fasting because we’re drawing blood. So they’re all hungry. They go to the teaching breakfast with their parents – it’s six families all at a communal table – and our dietitian spends an hour with them. The dietitian narrates exactly what’s on the table and teaches the parent and the kid at the same time.
  • No. 1, we show the parent the kid will eat the food. No. 2, we show the parent that they will eat the food. No. 3, we show the parent that other kids will eat the food, because they have other kids at home and they have to be able to buy stuff that they know other kids will eat. And No. 4, we show them the grocery bill, so they see that they can afford the food. If you don’t do all four of those, they won’t change.

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  • “The current systems that [the United States has] in place for consumers don’t allow for real-time payments or instant payments, but instead just create this illusion that the funds are good and immediately available,” says Jordan Lampe, director of policy at mobile payments network Dwolla and a member of the Federal Reserve committee tasked with improving America’s payments infrastructure.
  • Venmo isn’t PayPal and doesn’t offer the same kind of buyer and seller protections.
  • “Pay With Venmo,”

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  • 11.27.12
  • "This guy stood up and said that we have to take the city back from the progressives," Agnos told us. "I barely knew who he was. I've been in San Francisco since 1966, and here he comes telling us what to do."

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    Two Civil Grand Jury Reports (2011 and 2014) on the shortcomings of the SF Ethics Commission made a number of recommendation to address the influence of outside money in politics.  Very few of these recommendations have been followed!


    We are calling for the Board of Supervisors to set aside any money that might be needed for an independent investigation of illegal campaign contributions and the unfair influence these donations have had on our city. 


    In addition to investigation of Campaign Finance Violations, loopholes to retire debt, and Behested Payments, we call for a report that shows how money has influenced legislative, contract or other decisions with in City Hall.  

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