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  • Whether you use “global warming” or “climate change”, 40 percent of Americans don’t think it’s happening. That’s the finding in the recent Yale report
  • commentators and advocates alike, have focused on one aspect of the report: global warming sounds worse than climate change.

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    Vodouists believe in

  • Creator, Bondye (derived from the French term Bon Dieu, meaning "good God"
  • As Bondye does not intercede in human affairs, vodouists direct their worship toward spirits subservient to Bondye, called Loa.

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  • salads (including chicken salad) and in raw summer rolls (gỏi cuốn), as well as in some soups such as canh chua and bún thang, and stews, such as fish kho tộ. It is also popularly eaten with hột vịt lộn (fertilized duck egg).
  • cuisine of Cambodia, the leaf is known as chi krasang tomhom (ជីរក្រសាំងទំហំ) and is used in soups, stews, salads, and the Cambodian summer rolls, naem (ណែម).

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  • Cooking with Asian Leaves. The book provides detailed descriptions of
  • thirty herbs and leaves used in Asian cooking, and two recipes for each
  • curry leaves, shiso, chrysanthemum, Thai basil-

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  • infographic on The Science of Email Timing:


    Science of Email Timing

  • “1 to 4 emails per month”.


    And that’s probably a good starting point. But that answer is most likely wrong. Because the truth is, you’ll have to test to find out what YOUR best email frequency is…AND the best campaigns will change frequency in between each email that is sent out.


  • email marketing is about building relationships with the people on your list.

  • California Supreme Court made it easier Monday for cities and counties to require developers to sell some housing at below-market rates
  • The ruling came in a challenge to an affordable housing ordinance passed by San Jose five years ago.

    The state building industry, backed by real estate groups, sued the city, blocking it from enforcing the law. Developers contended it was unconstitutional “taking” of private property.

  • Herrera charges that Anna Kihagi, who manages and partially owns nine properties in the city, has employed “strong-arm and unlawful tactics” to displace tenants in rent-controlled apartments to rerent the units at much higher market rates. In the past two years, Kihagi’s group has invested $24 million in San Francisco real estate, assembling a residential portfolio with 50 units.

    “The conduct we have seen in this case is on par with the most egregious I have seen in my 13 years as city attorney,” Herrera said.

  • Kihagi, a native of Kenya

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  • a National Scientific Council report summarized as “overcrowding, noise, substandard housing, separation from parent(s), exposure to violence, family turmoil,” and other forms of extreme stress—can be toxic to the developing brain,
  • In a pregnant woman, the hormone can “get through the placenta into the fetus,” Levitt told me, potentially influencing her baby’s brain and tampering with its circuitry. Later, as the same child grows up, cortisol from his own body may continue to sabotage the development of his brain.
  • DNA samples allowed the scientists to factor out the influence of genetic heritage and look more closely at how socioeconomic status affects a growing brain. The scans focussed on over-all brain surface area, determined partly from the depth of the folds on the cortex, and the size of the hippocampus, a lumpy, curled structure nestled in the middle of the brain that stores memories. As might be expected, more educated families produced children with greater brain surface area and a more voluminous hippocampus. But income had its own distinct effect: living in the lowest bracket left children with up to six per cent less brain surface area than children from high-income families.

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  • interrupting a tedious, attention-demanding task with a 40-second “microbreak” — in which one simply looks at a computerized image of a green roof — improved focus as well as subsequent performance on the task.

  • Experts now say you should start standing up at work for at least two hours a day -- and work your way toward four.
  • Even working out vigorously before or after work may not compensate for extending sittin

  • Disable Bluetooth
  • Raise To Speak lets you hold your iPhone 4S to your face and talk to Siri like you would during a phone call. Turn it off under the Siri section of Settings if you never use the feature.

  • Various names are used for this technology, including the Perception Analyzer®, real time response,[1] the worm,[2] dial testing, audience response meters, and just "squiggly lines."
  • Applications
      • Political Campaigns
      • Political news events
      • Corporate training
      • Control self-assessment
      • Delegate voting
      • Public participation in municipal or environmental planning
      • Market research
      • Decision support
      • Game shows e.g. Ask the audience on Who Wants to be a Millionaire?
      • Conferences and events
      • Executive decision making
      • Continuing medical education
      • ROI measurement and assessment
      • Sales Effectiveness Training
      • Hospital patient exit surveys

  • Benchmark polls
  • before a candidate announces their bid for office but sometimes it happens immediately following that announcement after they have had some opportunity to raise funds.
  • shows them what types of voters they are sure to win, those who they are sure to lose, and everyone in-between those two extremes.

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  • 1 large onion – chopped or sliced
     4-5 large freshly chopped tomatoes   
     Tomato Puree
     4 large spoons of Ghana Zomi palm oil
     Chilli flakes or scotch bonnet (to taste)
     Fresh basil leaves
     1-2 Shrimp maggi cubes
     1-2 bunches of Nkontomire – (cocoyam leaves) – washed, deveined (optional) and chopped
     Salt to taste

  • In practice, the two are very similar.

  • The main difference is under the hood. When you invest in an ETF, you are investing into a fund that holds the asset it tracks.

  • An ETN is more like a bond. It's an unsecured debt note issued by an institution. Just like with a bond, an ETN can be held to maturity, bought or sold at will, and if the underwriter (usually a bank) were to go bankrupt, the investor would risk a total default.

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  • She assumed the title Queen of France
  • when her husband ascended the throne as Louis XVI
  • later became known as Madame Déficit because France's financial crisis was blamed on her reputation for lavish spending which was real and her opposition to the social and financial reforms of Turgot and Necker.


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  • I have engaged with several hypnotherapists over the years, and each of them systematically applied their procedures and contraptions.  Mark's approach feels infinitely more respectful of my unique being

  • October 14, 2014
  •   <!-- e src/business/templates/hearst/article/headline.tpl -->  <!-- hearst/common/author_name.tpl --> 
  • The number displaced by landlord threats, harassment and buyouts is nearly triple the number that appears on official San Francisco Rent Board forms or in court records, putting the number more closely at 15,000. Not all types of evictions are reflected in the Rent Board data. The Chronicle notes the roughly 3,400 evictions that move through the courts each year,

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