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Jenny Luca

Jenny Luca's Public Library

about 8 hours ago

Some resources to accompany my #ISTE2015 Ignite:

about 8 hours ago

Examples for Documenting t#StudentAgency from #ISTE2015 prez. Thx @misterreynolds @MrsSarahBarnett @MsGunny

Jul 01, 15

“The Good, The Bad and The Ugly — My Journey back in school (so far).”

Jun 28, 15

5 Creative Ways Schools Can Use Google Forms (That Aren’t Surveys) | The Gooru via @thegooglegooru CC @biancaH80

Jun 27, 15

an article that has stayed with me and struck deep - "What it means to hold space for people"

Jun 26, 15

Much-criticized satellite dreamer Greg Wyler, who was booted from Google, got $500M in funding today.

Jun 25, 15

Remarkable, inspiring people passion and power. A court orders a govt to protect its citizens from climate change.

Jun 25, 15

Top 12 Data Center Trends thru 2015 < How many of these did I get wrong? #CIO #CTO

Jun 24, 15

When the robots take our jobs, America will need to learn to respect the unemployed - Vox

Jun 23, 15

RoboEthics – We Need Universal Robot Rights, Ethics And Legislation #Tech #News #WTVOX

Jun 22, 15

A very concerning data breach.

Jun 22, 15

A blogpost on the singularity as metaphor…
why @MJohnHarrison is a better guide to the singularity than Ray Kurzweil

Jun 21, 15

The wonderful @neilhimself: Why our future depends on libraries, reading and daydreaming: #TLchat

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