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Jeff Goldman

Jeff Goldman's Public Library

Nov 04, 15

"TED is a nonprofit devoted to spreading ideas, usually in the form of short, powerful talks (18 minutes or less)."

Nov 04, 15

"Learn the basics of using LinkedIn to your benefit in this official LinkedIn 101 webinar hosted by Jenae Kaska."

Oct 31, 15

Scientists dispel notions people have about idyllic pre-modern sleeping by studying preindustrial societies.

Oct 23, 15

Creativity is a mystery right? Maybe not. Here's a look at the science of the creative process and how to harness your brain's power to come up with...

Oct 22, 15

Interested in knowing how interactivity affects eLearning? Check the eLearning Interactivity: The Ultimate Guide For eLearning Professionals

Oct 22, 15

SlideShare on dev time for eLearning organized by levels of elearning

Oct 16, 15

Budgeting training is often a difficult chore as plans are based on training an “average person.” But, there are actually no average people to be found!

Aug 10, 15

Absolutely short intro to Variables, Triggers and Conditions. Special thanks to Mr. Mice. Hare we go...

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