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Jeff Goldman

Jeff Goldman's Public Library

May 17, 16

Where anyone can learn Photoshop. Exclusive, easy to follow Photoshop tutorials! Step by step instructions, perfect for beginners!

May 17, 16

Learn all about layer masks in Photoshop. Perfect for beginners! Part of our complete Photoshop Layers tutorials collection.

May 14, 16

Venngage is an easy to use Infographic Maker and let you make beautiful Infographic Designs &;Themes for free!

May 13, 16

You’re probably familiar with Medicare – at least the basic idea. But what are some Medicare Facts you should know?

May 08, 16

Jefferson-Patterson Park archaeology site - Artifacs

Mar 11, 16

This post will show you six steps on how to make your printable results page awesome to show results for your users.

Mar 08, 16

Description of mind mapping by Clark Quinn

  • The language of comic books and graphic novels is highly efficient and succinctly conveys messages, ideas, thoughts, and concepts—all within a constrained visual milieu.
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