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Jeff Goldman

Jeff Goldman's Public Library

Aug 10, 15

Absolutely short intro to Variables, Triggers and Conditions. Special thanks to Mr. Mice. Hare we go...

May 05, 15

If you’re paralyzed with indecision, consider this list.

Apr 21, 15

Perhaps one of the more charismatic and unproductive investments made by the education community over the past 20 or so years has been on learning styles. If you total the expenditures on books, workshops, tests, teacher guides and other adjunct resources, I suspect the investment goes into the millions. So, what return has the learning community realized?

Apr 07, 15

Simple SCORM Packager FAQs

Apr 07, 15

Docebo offers a quick and easy way to check your course progress - Reports

Apr 07, 15

Package a course into a SCORM compliant package in minutes

Mar 24, 15

Sasco media/elearning

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