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21 Apr 14

“Improve the payment experience with animations” by Michaël Villar

20 Apr 14

"Too many buttons that don’t look like buttons — that’s my single biggest gripe about iOS 7."

09 Apr 14

"I say: who cares? *It’s all the web.* We shouldn’t think of 'the web' as only what renders in web browsers..."

08 Apr 14

.@AdaptivePath celebrates National Beer Day along with LEGOs. Thanks for the tip @coffeekid

08 Apr 14

I say again. You should get @hondanhon's newsletter. Read this one about @gdsteam (which gets it exactly right)

08 Apr 14

Pending geek out: "DOOM MYST 20 YEARS AFTER"

29 Mar 14

The results are in, and I'm 100% hated by Content Strategists! How about you? #ias14
The results are in, and I'm 100% hated by Content Strategists! How about you? #ias14

29 Mar 14

I'm 67% IA according to the #IA-o-meter! I make the web work better #ias14

28 Mar 14

Working w/ @digitalFlaneuse on putting together the #TtW14 print program layout. Take a moment and check your info:

28 Mar 14

I'm excited to be talking about writing and designing...Ellen Lupton, “Design Fictions” (THURSDAY) | D-Crit -

28 Mar 14

The McDonald's vs. the Chipotle experience @ SVA MFA Design Criticism Department

28 Mar 14

Very nice presentation on cultural affordances by @jeanphony #design #ethnography #skeumorphism #everydaylife
A great shout-out to @jeanphony for an awesome presentation yesterday! The slides are posted here:

28 Mar 14

We've put our high level quarterly plan for @makeshift online. Is this crazy?!

28 Mar 14

"The big mistake of the $50 billion dollar industry that is asking people what they want - we don’t know"

28 Mar 14

Watch John Payne at DRC 2013 @jeanphony @momentdesign @drctweets @IITDesign

26 Mar 14

Duplo looks at anywhere between 2,000 to 6,000 layout candidates, searching for the best layout to fit the content.


10 Mar 14

"instead of documenting UI patterns in a traditional static document, the style guide is built using the actual production technology, making it a living and continuously evolving bridge between design and development."

07 Mar 14

Embracing new behaviours in a networked society is better approach than denying them: Getty shows how @claropartners

02 Mar 14

He began by building wood models: gluing cut paper and painted dowels into layers and photographing it. "It was way too crafty, but that is what I was creating, this idea—I like the idea that you feel the thing you're looking at, someone made that, there's some authorship to it."

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