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Oct 03, 13

In this third part of the JBoss Forge series, I will show you how to search and install plugins to extend the JBoss Forge functionality. After that we will use Forge to setup Arquillian and create an integration test for our webservice.

Sep 13, 13

Hace poco ya vimos cómo ejecutar tests de integración con el soporte de Arquilian en aplicaciones Java bajo el entorno de CDI, el estandar de inyección de dependencias de JEE, y Weld, su implementación de referencia. En este tutorial vamos a hacer uso también de Arquilian pero para ejecutar tests de integración en aplicaciones java bajo un entorno OSGI.

Aug 20, 13

JUnit is probably one of the Top 5 Java open source tool developed by Java community. Until the IOC and Dependency Injection comes in to picture it is all well. But the moment containers taken care of injecting objects for you, the product development became lot easier. Now the programmers just need to describe how the Object should get created, your container will take care of injecting your Object. But on the downside, it makes the unit testing lot harder.

Dec 21, 12

I've been working closely to the document oritented NoSQL database Mongo DB lately. As an advocate of sustainable systems development (test driven development that is), I took the lead in our team for designing tests for our business logic towards Mongo. For relational databases there are a lot of options, a common solution for testing against relational databases is to use an in-memory database such as H2. For NoSQL databases the options are not always as generous from an automated test perspective. Luckily, we found an in-memory version for Mongo DB from Flapdoodle which is easy to use and fits our use case perfectly. If your (Java) code base relies on Maven, just add the following dependency:

Dec 18, 12

Kevin Cruickshanks (@kevincruick) er en kompis fra studietiden ved Universitetet i Bergen. Det er ikke så ofte vi ser hverandre lengre, men fra tid til annen stiller han opp på NNUG-møter, og da er det alltid hyggelig.

Arquillian er en spennende plattform for automatiserte integrasjonstester for Java-utviklere. I denne tutorialen git Kevin deg en grundig innføring.

Nov 20, 12

Have you been struggling with setting up integrations tests for DAOs? We all need to test them, luckily there is a tool helping you to do that and that is Arquillian.

Nov 12, 12

In this post I want to demonstrate how Rest-Services can be integration tested using JBoss Arquillian1 and Glassfish-Embedded2. To do so we first need a Rest-Service which can be tested. So first of all we create a new maven-web-project and add the following rest resource. It is a very simple resource which returns a contact for a given identifier, but for our demo it will suffice.

Oct 24, 12

Arquillian is a big thing. For me it is a revolution in in-container testing. In real world scenarios it is quite common that your JEE components use some libraries, frameworks or other utility classes provided in thirdparty archives. When building project with maven you can make use of pom.xml descriptor and avoid giant amounts of boilerplate code (adding classes and packages of thirdparty libs by hand). I won’t dive into details how you can set it up, but the idea is to use MavenDependencyResolver and configure it to read your pom.xml.

Sep 24, 12

Everybody knows that you need to write unit tests for your business code. But you also want to know when somebody (or you) breaks the configuration and that your Database Access Layer works properly.

Aug 17, 12

When developing any system or software, it is important to test as much of that system as possible. Web frameworks are no exception; comprehensive, well-designed unit tests are critical for long-term success and maintenance. With the introduction of Contexts and Dependency Injection into the Java Enterprise framework (otherwise known as CDI – Weld, or Apache OpenWebBeans,) unit testing is as important as ever, but it would be nice to harness the power of dependency injection for use in unit tests, as well as in the production system!

May 13, 12

I'll show how it is easy to create an integration test for and EJB3.1 session bean with creating any additional source code ( as sample as creating JUnit test cases).

May 03, 12

Integrating OpenShift applications with Sauce OnDemand is really easy. You can now run your applications and your tests in the cloud within minutes. Sauce OnDemand allows you to run your Selenium cross-browser tests in the cloud without the need for setting up a QA environment. This blog entry has step-by-step instructions to get tests for Maven-built Java applications up and running on OpenShift and tested using WebDriver on Sauce OnDemand.

Apr 27, 12

This post assumes that you're familiar with using Arquillian for testing Java applications. If you're not familiar with Arquillian, then I suggest you check out the guides at where you'll learn how to write Java tests that can run on the server and are much easier to write and maintain.

Apr 26, 12

Now that the long awaited stable version of the Arquillian framework is released I wanted to demonstrate some interesting features of this framework that really eases writing and running of integration tests for Java EE 6 applications in many different ways.

Apr 22, 12

Arquillian is a JBoss project that focuses on integration testing for Java. It’s an Open Source project I’m contributing to and using on the current project I’m working on. It let’s you write integration tests just as you would write unit tests, but it adds some very important features into the mix. Arquillian actually lets you execute your test cases inside a target runtime, such as your application server of choice!

Apr 21, 12

In part one we set up our tools, part two we did project configuration, and in part three we ended with a fully functional application; however, now that you've become familiar with the Red Hat tools and Facebook API, it's time we get to a topic we ideally should have started with in the first place: TESTING!

You can follow the instructions in this tutorial for a tailored example and explanation of Arquillian.

Jan 17, 12

This is an, let's call it accidental post. I was looking into transactional CDI observers and playing around with GlassFish embedded to run some integration tests against it. But surprisingly this did not work too well and I am still figuring out, where exactly the problems are while using the plain embedded GlassFish for that. In the meantime I switched to Arquillian.

Dec 22, 11

Arquillian persistence extension allows you to test JPA related code without filling up the database with test data. All you have to do is to populate .yml file with your data specified. That will be best described with an example.

Dec 12, 11


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