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Aug 20, 13

JUnit is probably one of the Top 5 Java open source tool developed by Java community. Until the IOC and Dependency Injection comes in to picture it is all well. But the moment containers taken care of injecting objects for you, the product development became lot easier. Now the programmers just need to describe how the Object should get created, your container will take care of injecting your Object. But on the downside, it makes the unit testing lot harder.

Jul 12, 13

In the last post, we took a look at the server side of our OAuth2 system. In this post, we’ll take a quick look at the unit tests that will act as TheUser.

Jun 04, 12

Arquillian is a testing framework which lets you write real integration tests, run inside the container of your choice. With Arquillian you will be writing micro-deployments for your tests, small Java artifacts that is, which contains the bare minimum of classes and resoruces needed for your test to be executed within your container. To build these artifacts you will be using the ShrinkWrap API.

Apr 27, 12

This post assumes that you're familiar with using Arquillian for testing Java applications. If you're not familiar with Arquillian, then I suggest you check out the guides at where you'll learn how to write Java tests that can run on the server and are much easier to write and maintain.

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