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Oct 03, 13

In this third part of the JBoss Forge series, I will show you how to search and install plugins to extend the JBoss Forge functionality. After that we will use Forge to setup Arquillian and create an integration test for our webservice.

Sep 03, 13

For a very long time, I heard quite a lot of people saying good things about Arquillian. Whilst I have been reading articles around its use, I couldn’t really find one that covers some of the aspects that I find important, all in a single article. Granted, I haven’t looked hard enough.

Aug 20, 13

JUnit is probably one of the Top 5 Java open source tool developed by Java community. Until the IOC and Dependency Injection comes in to picture it is all well. But the moment containers taken care of injecting objects for you, the product development became lot easier. Now the programmers just need to describe how the Object should get created, your container will take care of injecting your Object. But on the downside, it makes the unit testing lot harder.

Jun 16, 13

Today I’d like to share a short snippet how to achieve transaction rollbacks when testing an EJB in combination with Arquillian and the Arquillian Transaction Extension…

Nov 20, 12

Have you been struggling with setting up integrations tests for DAOs? We all need to test them, luckily there is a tool helping you to do that and that is Arquillian.

Sep 24, 12

Everybody knows that you need to write unit tests for your business code. But you also want to know when somebody (or you) breaks the configuration and that your Database Access Layer works properly.

May 03, 12

In Java EE 6 Testing Part I I briefly introduced the EJB 3.1 Embeddable API using Glassfish embedded container to demonstrate how to start the container, lookup a bean in the project classpath and run a very simple integration test.

This post focus on Arquillian and ShrinkWrap and why they are awesome tools for integration testing of enterprise Java applications.

Apr 30, 12

Arquillian is not tied to Maven and this article proves it.

Most of the tutorials describe how to setup Arquillian with Maven, not with Ant. This tutorial shows you how to use Ivy to resolve all dependencies to use Arquillian in a project with an Ant build.

Apr 26, 12

Now that the long awaited stable version of the Arquillian framework is released I wanted to demonstrate some interesting features of this framework that really eases writing and running of integration tests for Java EE 6 applications in many different ways.

Jan 17, 12

This is an, let's call it accidental post. I was looking into transactional CDI observers and playing around with GlassFish embedded to run some integration tests against it. But surprisingly this did not work too well and I am still figuring out, where exactly the problems are while using the plain embedded GlassFish for that. In the meantime I switched to Arquillian.

May 29, 11

Integration testing is very important in Java EE. On the first hand, business components often interact with resources (datasources, web services, EJBs) or sub-system provided by the JEE container. In the second hand many declarative services get applied to the business component at runtime.

Jan 25, 11

In the first installment we setup a basic web application with JEE6, JSF2, Primefaces running on Glassfish using Eclipse for the IDE. We'll continue here to add testing with Arquillian and Persistence with EclipseLink/JPA2. Once again we're simply tweaking Nicklas Karlsson's examples except we're making it a little less JBoss specific.

Jan 12, 11

This is the last blog post in the three-part series on unit testing services managed by the most popular types of containers in the Java world.

The Arquillian library from JBoss solves this problem by providing the opportunity to programmatically create and deploy archives on any kind of embedded server (JBoss, Glassfish, Jetty). In the same time you can declare the dependency of your test to the server-managed objects and you don’t have to look them up any more in the JNDI context.

Nov 30, 10

DB test is a set of helper classes which let you run tests that use a database. By default each test has a separate, in-memory H2 database, providing fast startup time and isolation.

DB Test is based on Arquillian and can be used in applications that use CDI (e.g. Weld) for dependency injection and component management.

Jun 05, 10

The goal of this blog post is to walk you through an Java EE 6 application from a simple, static web page until we have a full blown stack that consist of the stuff in the list below. I'm calling this stack Summer because after a long, hard winter Spring may be nice but boy, wait until Summer kicks in ;-)

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