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Jun 09, 14

The ideia behind this post is to share my experience with Arquillian[1] which is becoming - the de facto standard - framework for writing (real) tests in the JavaEE environment(hence the blog title).

We will use arquillian to test a JavaEE6(compatible with EE7) application, all sources are available at github here, its a simple User, Group and Role management application.

Sep 06, 13

I was looking for a simple solution to test @WebFilter servlet filters. The tests that I had used a lot of mocks, but really just left me unsatisfied. It was not a real world production solution. How would they "really" behave in the actual server environment. I had been using Arquillian to do some testing of our CDI layer, and decided to try it on filters.

Feb 01, 13

In this blog I show how we should develop efficient applications for eXo Platform using Juzu and Ajax. The application is quite simple and is a rehash of the Who Is Online gadget. After reading this you will understand how to develop application using the Ajax programming model which is easy to use and very powerful.

Nov 13, 12

This time we will see how to run the device on our actual iPhone.

Nov 09, 12

Previously on Blog, we refactored our code a little and automated the member registration process using Arquillian Drone and Graphene.
As promised last post, this one will deal with testing on a mobile device. We will start an Android device first(Emulator).

Nov 09, 12

Previously on Blog, we setup our environment and ran a successful test that launch the Firefox browser.
You might be saying, well thats great that i can open the homepage, but what about automating clicks and such. Hang on, we are almost there.

Nov 08, 12

For some, testing has become an important part of the development lifecycle. There are a bunch of popular testing frameworks out there for both client and server. JBoss is pushing Arquillian, which takes testing to the next level by allowing you to test in a container, thus effectively testing how your code would work on the server it will eventually run on. Lets call these tests integration tests.

Oct 02, 12

As Arquillian has become steady at the programmer’s tool belt, its action scope has entered debate as some feel it’s an integration testing specific tool and some others see it as the long awaited tool which will bring end to end testing as the only testing a programmer needs from now on. The latter is the motivation of this post as it forgets about the power of unit testing and might not see that Arquillian’s purpose may change depending on the extension you use.

Jun 29, 12

With ever growing demands on a rich and highly interactive user interface across a wide range of devices, automated testing becomes a crucial part of development routine. To my experience, it is often arguable whether the effort spent on writing tests really pays off. Arquillian is a tool I value for its ease of use and overall effectiveness. Today, I would like to share an example of how Arquillian can be used to test an Ajax-driven web application.

May 14, 12

InfoQ caught up with Arquillian spokesman Dan Allen about the testing framework’s features, how its approach differs from other testing strategies and what new features will be available in the future releases.

Apr 26, 12

Now that the long awaited stable version of the Arquillian framework is released I wanted to demonstrate some interesting features of this framework that really eases writing and running of integration tests for Java EE 6 applications in many different ways.

Apr 12, 12

Das Testen von Container-Komponenten im Java-EE-Umfeld ist eine anstrengende Sache. Denn automatisierte Testroutinen muss man sich mühselig selbst basteln. Mit der nun freigegebenen Version 1.0.0 des JBoss-Projekts Arquillian steht nun eine erste komplette Suite für Integrationstests zur Verfügung.

Feb 11, 12

How the RichFaces functional tests suites were migrated to Arquillian framework

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