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Sep 11, 12

For years we have learned that we all should do this. Unit tests are good, unit tests need mocks. Therefor we unit test, and therefor we mock. Life was simple.

Lately however a growing group of people seem out to disturb our perfect little world. Their creed: “Mocks are wrong. We should use real objects”. They don’t seem to have a name yet, but following the NoSQL movement, let’s call them the NoMock movement.

May 01, 12

Arquillian is a container-oriented testing platform from the JBoss Community. It helps to separate test logic from deployment and container lifecycle concerns in order to achieve easy and fast integration tests. It works with JUnit and TestNG, Maven, Ant (+Ivy) and Gradle.

Apr 22, 12

Arquillian is a JBoss project that focuses on integration testing for Java. It’s an Open Source project I’m contributing to and using on the current project I’m working on. It let’s you write integration tests just as you would write unit tests, but it adds some very important features into the mix. Arquillian actually lets you execute your test cases inside a target runtime, such as your application server of choice!

Apr 12, 12

Das Testen von Container-Komponenten im Java-EE-Umfeld ist eine anstrengende Sache. Denn automatisierte Testroutinen muss man sich mühselig selbst basteln. Mit der nun freigegebenen Version 1.0.0 des JBoss-Projekts Arquillian steht nun eine erste komplette Suite für Integrationstests zur Verfügung.

Mar 02, 12

The objective of Arquillian is to go further in simplicity and conciseness to further accelerate writing tests JavaEE. Although this is a Red Hat project, it is not just an extension of JBoss for unit testing. Arquillian wants to be more general, and supports other containers like Tomcat or GlassFish. This is what we see in this article that shows how a test with JUnit EJB using JPA with EclipseLink and GlassFish.

Feb 09, 12

Seit der Einführung von Java EE ist das Testen von Enterprise-Applikationen schwieriger geworden. Ein wesentlicher Grund liegt darin, dass Komponenten in einer Enterprise-Architektur selten in sich abgeschlossen sind, sondern mit vielen anderen Komponenten des Systems zusammenspielen. Java-EE-6-Container wie Glassfish v3 oder JBoss AS6 sind zum Beispiel für das Dependency Management und die Persistenz zur Datenbank (JPA 2.0) verantwortlich. Das Zusammenspiel der Geschäftslogik mit anderen Komponenten wird in Enterprise-Applikationen immer wichtiger, ähnlich wie die Implementierung der Geschäftslogik selbst. Vor allem deklarative Beschreibungen, wie Dependency Injection und Transaktionskontrollen, müssen daraufhin getestet werden, ob sie die gewünschten Aufgaben erfüllen. Unit-Tests und Mock-Tests können nur einen begrenzten Teil dieser Überprüfungen übernehmen. Integrationstests spielen daher eine immer wichtigere Rolle.

Jan 17, 12

Das Testen von J2EE war ja immer pain in the ass, dass kam JEE mit EJB 3, alles war ein POJO und siehe da: man brauchte keinen Application-Server mehr, um seine Logik zu testen (in den meisten Fällen zumindest). Dann kam Arquillian, weil man sah, dass man ggf. doch mal einen Application-Server benötigt für sinnvolle Tests.

Jan 16, 12

I’m fed up with unit testing !

It’s 2012 and my first resolution of the year is to finally tell the truth about testing : unit testing is pretty much useless when your code runs inside a container. How do you unit test an EJB which relies on the container services (i.e transaction, injection, security…) ? Well, you mock the database access, you mock your security layer, you mock your dependencies, you mock your validation layer… to test what ?

Sep 27, 11

Some weeks ago I was asked to write an article about how to use Arquillian. The article was published in the german magazine called "Java aktuell". This magazine is produced for the (INTERESSENVERBUND DER JAVA USER GROUPS E.V.). You can find the article below including the source code examples. Have fun reading.

Sep 22, 11

Pragmatic integration testing can increase your productivity and ensure the deployability of your Java EE 6 application. By Adam Bien

Sep 11, 11

In part 1 of this post, I described the possible approaches/frameworks for unit testing of web applications. In this post, I concentrate on one framework, which is JBoss Arquillian. The contents of this post will be:

What about JBoss Arquillian?
Use Arquillian to Unit Test inside EClipse and JBoss 6
Secrets behind Scene: How Arquillian handles the Test?

May 29, 11

Integration testing is very important in Java EE. On the first hand, business components often interact with resources (datasources, web services, EJBs) or sub-system provided by the JEE container. In the second hand many declarative services get applied to the business component at runtime.

Apr 19, 11

One of the things that struck me when working with Arquillian tonight was that one of the other really great things about it is when you go to run your test, you end up seeing less unfocused verbose load blubber, which is awesome.

Mar 22, 11

We'll examine some of the technologies that occupy the Java EE 6 space, with articles on JBoss' Arquillian integration testing tool, and the Siwpas application server, and look ahead to the relationship between enterprise Java and the cloud in Ales Justin's 'Java EE inside GAE' article.

Mar 18, 11

An in-depth article about Arquillian, a container-oriented testing framework that enables you to write portable integration tests for enterprise Java applications and beyond. You'll discover how Arquillian's test enrichment, packaging and deployment, in conjunction with container lifecycle management, let you skip the build and test in-container, all without having to leave the comfort of your IDE (or the commandline, if it suits you). With Arquillian in hand, integration testing becomes fun and productive again.

Aug 30, 10

JBoss TorqueBox use Arquillian to run integration tests against their Ruby applications.

Jul 13, 10

Cambridge Technology Partners do a reevaluation of the current EE testing stacks and find Arquillian.

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