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Jul 10, 14

Microservices are an architectural style where each service is implemented as an independent system. They can use their own persistence system (although it is not mandatory), deployment, language, ...

Because a system is composed by more than one service, each service will communicate with other services, typically using a lightweight protocol like HTTP and following a Restful Web approach.

Jul 01, 14

In the previous post (num 6) we discovered how we can unit test our JPA2 domain model, using Arquillian and Wildfly 8.1 In the post we made a simple configuration decision, we used the internal H2 database that is bundled with Wildfly 8.1 and the already configured Datasource (called ExampleDS). But what about a real DBMS?

Jun 09, 14

This is the first 'extra' post, based on the maven JavaEE7 demo project I am 'building' on this series of blog posts. We have already defined a solid structure and some modules. One very common case in an application like this, is to use Arquillian (+JUnit), a god sent framework, that enable us to unit test our EJB services using a 'real' application server, most probably the same that we are going to deploy to. I am actually following the basic setup guide as it can be found here, the difference is that I am going to setup Wildfly 8.1 as my embedded container to host my unit tests. Widlfy 8.1 is a fully blown JavvaEE7 container, so I can safely test all my features.

Jun 09, 14

The ideia behind this post is to share my experience with Arquillian[1] which is becoming - the de facto standard - framework for writing (real) tests in the JavaEE environment(hence the blog title).

We will use arquillian to test a JavaEE6(compatible with EE7) application, all sources are available at github here, its a simple User, Group and Role management application.

Mar 31, 14

In recent years, a lot of tech have evolved, practices too... In particular, I had the chance to implement a number of agile practices, including TDD a.k.a. Test-Driven Development. TDD is not an easy stuff when you have to create an application implementing databases, mail server and others IT resources, such as legacy systems... because in that event, mocking objects does not really make sense...

Mar 16, 14

In the last blog post, I showed you how you can use the Arquillian Graphene Page fragments. It allows you create reusable test components for screen elements. You can encapsulate the required test functionality nicely which result in readable and maintainable test code.

But the @Root annotation can only be placed on a single WebElement, so how can you test the radio button input group?

Mar 09, 14

Writing tests in a EE environment is a challenge. Compared to test support in spring framework there is some work. Fortunately though, thanks to Arquillian, there is hope. A lot of the complication...

Feb 25, 14

Three Arquillian extensions for behavior-driven development in the container

Feb 20, 14

Integration testing is important but also difficult. With frameworks like WebDriver we can connect to any HTML element in the browser. This is a huge step forward. We are able to inspect what is available on the screen, in the browser.
But coding in it is error prone. Any small change in the page layout and your test will fail because the element isn’t found anymore.
Another challenge is to keep your test code object oriented and readable. Since everything is a WebElement in your code, you must resort to encapsulation and page fragments to not end up with large test methods which are unreadable.

Feb 14, 14

Arquillian is an awesome tool for testing java apps written in the EE ecosystem. It allows you to run your tests within the actual application server, so you don't have to mock your services or dependencies. Instead you use them exactly the same way you use them within your application.

However, because of the way Arquillian works with JUnit (as a special runner) you cannot use many JUnit's advanced features (there can only be one @RunWith annotation). Namely I was missing the ability to run parameterized tests or theories.

Nov 08, 13

HTML5 introduces a great new element that can be used to draw arbitrary content on a pane: the canvas element. What has been a standard feature for fat client applications for decades is now introduced to the world of web applications. Web developers no longer need to use proprietary plugins to draw images or charts in their applications.

But when it comes for testing, this new feature imposes new challenges to the web development community. How to test that the canvas element is in an appropriate state at some point in time? Standard technologies like selenium focus on the markup that is generated by the web server and not on the pixels drawn on the canvas.

Oct 22, 13

Hace poco ya vimos cómo ejecutar tests de integración con el soporte de Arquilian en aplicaciones Java bajo el entorno de CDI, el estandar de inyección de dependencias de JEE, y Weld, su implementación de referencia. En este tutorial vamos a hacer uso también de Arquilian pero para ejecutar tests de integración en aplicaciones java bajo un entorno OSGI.

Oct 15, 13

Some time ago I came to the point where I need to do integration tests for my JEE applications at work. In JEE6 I tried several testing frameworks two years ago, but none of them works very well, so we decided to skip this point and continue with end users tests and JUnit testing. But I never gave up the search for an testing framework for JEE6.

Oct 03, 13

In this third part of the JBoss Forge series, I will show you how to search and install plugins to extend the JBoss Forge functionality. After that we will use Forge to setup Arquillian and create an integration test for our webservice.

Sep 13, 13

Hace poco ya vimos cómo ejecutar tests de integración con el soporte de Arquilian en aplicaciones Java bajo el entorno de CDI, el estandar de inyección de dependencias de JEE, y Weld, su implementación de referencia. En este tutorial vamos a hacer uso también de Arquilian pero para ejecutar tests de integración en aplicaciones java bajo un entorno OSGI.

Sep 06, 13

I was looking for a simple solution to test @WebFilter servlet filters. The tests that I had used a lot of mocks, but really just left me unsatisfied. It was not a real world production solution. How would they "really" behave in the actual server environment. I had been using Arquillian to do some testing of our CDI layer, and decided to try it on filters.

Sep 03, 13

his small blog is inspired from jersey 2.2 user guide, particularly section 1 :) .
The guide is just fine, featuring quite a number of examples enriched with explanations and references. While I was browsing through it I was thinking what if I change a bit the running environment with components I prefer for both developing and testing.

Sep 03, 13

For a very long time, I heard quite a lot of people saying good things about Arquillian. Whilst I have been reading articles around its use, I couldn’t really find one that covers some of the aspects that I find important, all in a single article. Granted, I haven’t looked hard enough.

Aug 20, 13

JUnit is probably one of the Top 5 Java open source tool developed by Java community. Until the IOC and Dependency Injection comes in to picture it is all well. But the moment containers taken care of injecting objects for you, the product development became lot easier. Now the programmers just need to describe how the Object should get created, your container will take care of injecting your Object. But on the downside, it makes the unit testing lot harder.

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