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Jeff Bergstrom

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Sep 25, 16

Leo Musso of UW is a former track athlete at my alma mater, Waunakee.

Sep 24, 16

5 Innovative Ways To Create Positive Classroom Culture

Sep 23, 16

This 6-year-old American boy wrote a letter to @POTUS after seeing viral image of Syrian boy

Sep 21, 16

How to Settle the Mind ... try this simple approach!

Sep 19, 16

Closing achievement gap for Hmong students should be a priority:

Sep 19, 16

Building Community With Attendance Questions by @MovingParadigms:

Sep 19, 16

16 timeless quotes sure to resonate with every age:

Sep 19, 16

"The kind of feedback that we provide to students in our classrooms needs to change."

Sep 19, 16

How to Raise a Genius: Lessons from a 45-Year Study of Supersmart Children @sciam #edchat #parenting #gifted #stem

Sep 19, 16

Have you watched a TouchCast? Checkout this one I made:

Sep 19, 16

Perfect op-ed for AP Gov students to read since they learn about Fed 10! #hsgovchat #sschat #govchristensen

Sep 19, 16

Moving Students from Passive Consumers to Active Creators:

Sep 19, 16

What a great idea because a) more helpful observations, b) students see our own goals as teachers. #apchat #cpchat

Sep 19, 16

When We Listen to Students by @artofcoaching1:
Love these Qs! => When We Listen to Students by @artofcoaching1: #edchat #apchat #cpchat

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