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Jeff Bergstrom

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Apr 25, 16

Including Madison's copy of the proposed Bill of Rights! Discover 10 treasures from the Library of Congress #sschat

Apr 12, 16

High School ‘Work From Home Day’ Gives Students Taste of Independence - KQED

Mar 30, 16

I Let Students Run My Classroom—Here’s What Happened via @higheredsurge #studentagency #stuvoice

Mar 29, 16

Via @NPR: When School-Installed Software Stops A Suicide

Mar 29, 16

Practice doesn’t have to mean automaticity. Free tips from Becoming a Reflective Teacher:

Mar 28, 16

Project-Based Learning Professional Development: Student-Created Rubrics - Cooper on Curriculum via @RossCoops31

Mar 28, 16

Social Studies & Education is out! Stories via @sdien @historyteach46

Mar 28, 16

"10 Research-based Insights on How the Brain Learns" via the blog of #DitchBook author, @jmattmiller #tlap
10 research-based insights on how the brain learns: via @jmattmiller #edchat #education

Mar 27, 16

"No amount of [data] can substitute for human judgment." Full stop. Also applies to K-12. @NTampio @DianeRavitch

Mar 27, 16

New Post: Phone Calls Home: I'm Not Going to Lie...They Scare Me. #Iaedchat #edchat #ntchat

Mar 27, 16

A must read post for learners & educators: Continuum of Motivation: #suptchat #cpchat

Mar 27, 16

#Teachers: it's our job to recognize when our students' struggling & do what we can to help

Mar 27, 16

#Podcast: Celebrating the appointment of Chief Justice John Marshall @ConstitutionCtr

Mar 26, 16

Assessment should inform the next steps for teaching & learning.

Source: John Wood

Mar 26, 16

Fostering a strong community through school rituals:

Mar 19, 16

What a perfectly teed-up essay for #hsgovchat discussion/debate. Sit down & think 'What John Adams Knew' by @KevinNR

Mar 14, 16

The First Time Party Bigwigs Tried to Stop a Front-Runner From Becoming President It Backfired—Big-time #sschat

Mar 01, 16

Easy Ways for #Parents to Keep Tech Use #Positive- #Teacher Conferences Handout #digcit #edtech @getcurbi @opendns

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