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Nov 24, 15

Roberts talks leadership in discussion on Supreme Court @CNNPolitics

Nov 22, 15

American Heroes: Past and Present examines the responsibilities of citizenship #profchat #teacherfriends

Nov 22, 15

You don't want to miss these @soulpancake videos about teachers doing AMAZING things:

Nov 22, 15

Dred Scott v. Sanford: This lesson focuses on the question of how the two sides in the Court decision. Learn more

Nov 22, 15

Teach students about the Articles of Confederation using our Documents of Freedom lesson:

Nov 18, 15

4 Strategies to Implement and Spread #PBL in Your School:

Nov 18, 15

Mass. woman can wear spaghetti strainer in license photo (First Amendment) #hsgovchat

Nov 16, 15

7 practical steps for planning a project around state standards: #PBL

Nov 16, 15

How have individual Americans throughout history embodied civic values? Click this link: #ell #hsgovchat #profchat

Nov 15, 15

The phrase e pluribus unum - “out of many, one”- captures the genius of the American experiment in liberty #sschat

Nov 14, 15

#NPHCBlogIt - On #WorldKindnessDay pay it forward like this amazing little soul:

Nov 10, 15

Marbury v. Madison: This lesson explores the precedent of Judicial review. Learn more #profchat #TeacherFriends

Nov 09, 15

Documents of Freedom: The United States and The World #histedchat #hsgovchat #sschat #TeacherFriends

Nov 08, 15

Study: "Adults over age 30 are not as happy as they used to be, but teens and young adults are happier than ever."

Nov 08, 15

Mapp v. Ohio: this lesson asks students to assess the claim that the exclusionary rule helps ensure liberty #sschat

Nov 06, 15

Spice up how you check for understanding in the classroom:

Nov 04, 15

The fight between liberty and security is an American tradition. See our essay contest: #histedchat #hsgovchat
We're proud to announce the We the Students Essay Contest for 2016! Enter for your chance to win $5000: #histedchat

Nov 01, 15


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