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Jeff Bergstrom

Jeff Bergstrom's Public Library

Feb 24, 15

5 Resources to Help Students Understand the Cost of Living: Teaching basic personal econo... via @rmbyrne #edtech

Feb 07, 15

Beyond the Chalkboard: 5 Apps That Will Change the Way Your Students Learn

Feb 01, 15

Wow!! Here is 1 of those "STOP everything you're doing & read this NOW" posts from @barrykid1 "FIGHTER!" #tlap

Jan 30, 15

@mrnerdstrom Check out this Colbert series on PACs, etc. Needs edit at end of 3rd or 4th episode #hsgovchat

Jan 26, 15

“@Marketplace: Your phone killed SkyMall.” @mrnerdstrom

Jan 20, 15

@historytechie @mrnerdstrom @apgov216 Just got this put together, working hard on the real thing for tomorrow!

Jan 19, 15

Justice Alito: State of the Union "Close-Up" #hsgovchat "it's not true"

Jan 19, 15

#hsgovchat A1: News story on when Supreme Court Associate Justice Alito appeared to respond to Obama during SOTU.

Jan 19, 15

#hsgovchat A1: Word Cloud of presidential speeches, many of them past SOTUs.

Jan 19, 15

A1: @jasdockter & I like to compare GB Parliament treatment of PM w/the (usual) SOTU politeness. Good clip #hsgovchat

Jan 19, 15

@MaryBarela1 @mrnerdstrom we did it with

Jan 19, 15

#hsgovchat A1: Show students the official invitation from Speaker Boehner.

Jan 18, 15

@mrnerdstrom Let the man's words be the power--I have a dream speech

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