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Jeremy Beaudry

Jeremy Beaudry's Public Library

May 20, 12

This year I want to focus more on living math.  We will do a calendar every day where he can write the day of the month, weather, temperature (inside and out) etc.  We are getting analog clocks and him a watch since he is currently building clocks out of every pencil, popsicle stick and straw he can find and asking me what time it makes.  Also, we will build the clock the way Math U See teaches – which is pretty cool.  I want to get more measuring devices for him to play with – rulers, yard stick, a balance, stop watch and such to allow for free play.  And a calculator for him to play around with and perhaps aid in grocery shopping.

Bouncy Boy is also very into board games right now and playing with two dice will teach addition facts very quickly.  We will supply the answers of course, but it won’t take long for him to figure out if he throws a 1 and a 3 it’s 4.  I’m thinking that as he masters these we will get multi-sided dice to encourage adding into higher numbers.

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