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Feb 13, 13

"hy blog in the first place?

1. Finding your network – blogging can be a great way to connect with other professionals working in your field. It’s a way of finding people on similar journeys tackling similar issues that you don’t yet know. It’s a way of getting feedback and expert commentary on your ideas, and possibly making longer standing professional relationships which might benefit your work.

2. Testing your ideas – in addition to the feedback on your ideas you might get from commenters, the act of writing a blog is a great way to help clarify and test your thoughts. Writing itself is a great discipline in that it requires you to think through your ideas and figure out how to explain them simply to others. Because blogging is immediate and continuous you can also test incomplete ideas and evolve them over time rather than trying to develop a definitive thesis all by yourself.

3. Self-promotion – Let’s face it we all want recognition. If your blog is interesting and useful it can be a great way to build your professional reputation and give people a sense of who you are, and whether they might want to work with you or even hire you.

4. Promoting your work and your organization – even if you are not explicitly trying to market your organization or work, your blogging can help explain and communicate your work and build the brand of your organization, and in a more authentic way than official marketing.

5. Sharing your knowledge and making a difference – assuming that you know what you are taking about, blogging can help inform others and share ideas and knowledge with them, and might help them do their work o influence how they do something in the future.

6. Keeping a record – blogging is also kind of like a diary. Looking back it can be a great way to view your professional and intellectual progression – or even remind you of the ideas and ideals you once had and help you reevaluate or rekindle them."

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Oct 11, 11

As social media evolves as sector we are starting to see some great case studies emerge around the world and we wanted to pick 50 of the best and share them here for you to enjoy. We've focused in on the big social media areas of Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, mobile and Blogging so as you can drill down in to the area that suits you best. There is a good mixture here of case studies for both smaller businesses and large brands so sit back and start reading and learning from these 50 great social media case studies…

Aug 21, 11

Last year I shared how Twitter was moving more and more towards a closed, less-standards oriented model of sharing content as they upgraded their design to bring more people to the website. At that time, they removed the prominent RSS icons and made it only possible to access an RSS feed for an individual by logging completely out of Twitter, and visiting that individual's profile page.

Jun 30, 04

Example of multiple blogs in a specific field, which could be used in many disciplines.

Jun 30, 04

Architecture for a blog showing vendor and customer relationship.

Jul 08, 04

Excellent case study for implementing blogs as part of a KM strategy in a healthcare setting.

Jul 01, 04

strategy for blogs in business

Jul 15, 04

Various resources related to personal and collaborative publishing online.

Jul 23, 04

"insights with respect to benefits a company can get by hiring a blogger, and warning signals and 'rules' that you might wish to consider when being employed by a company"

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