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Jamie Billingham

Jamie Billingham's Public Library

Aug 02, 15

"Human beings have been studying ethics for over two thousand years. We do not yet have all the answers. But we do have a few theories that are serious contenders for the correct theory. In this series of seven lectures, made in 2011, I examine four of the most popular ethical theories (Virtue Ethics, Non-Cognitivism, Kantianism (Deontology) and Utilitarianism).

I start, however, by looking at some common beliefs about morality (e.g. it must involves general rules or principles), and by examining the pre-conditions of ethical reasoning."

Aug 02, 15

add to website - tech tools - generates google map from data.

Jul 28, 15

"So trauma can make people preoccupied with their own misery and they can stop being able to see the larger picture, and that may also explain some of the mind-sets of the perpetrators of this terrible disaster. The empathy goes away and the capacity to imagine what other people feel goes away, and so that whole connectiveness which is such an important part of the total picture. Traumatized people feel God-forsaken. They are all by themselves, they feel lonely and disconnected and they can't take new information in. That, to me, is what this trauma is about and the trauma treatment is to help the people open up for new experience."

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