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Feb 22, 13

HEMAVOL is a combination of two key Critical Matrices which function specifically and synergistically to endorse “plasma volumization” (marketing slang for increasing muscle size via nitric oxide). The first is the Hemodynamic matrix, and the second is the Vasodilation support matrix.

The Hemodynamic matrix is scientifically formulated to specifically and literally force intercellular plasma, glycogen, and water into the muscle cells generating a cell volumizing pump that is unlike anything else you have ever tried before.

The Vasodilation support matrix, on the other hand, is a carefully chosen combination of compounds which not only directly aids, but also magnifies and maximized the effects of the Hemodynamic matrix. Vasodilation is the effect of widening the blood vessels so that you can get increased blood flow through your veins and into your muscles for improved pumps and nutrient delivery. And yes, “increased blood flow” can work anywhere you put your mind to it!

By using HEMAVOL as your workout and diet supplement, you are using newly researched and utmost gains in not just size, but in strength and endurance as well. With iForce Nutritions HEMAVOL you will not only have skin tearing muscular pumps, but you will also discover a brand new world of vasodilation, and myotropic cellular volumization.

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