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Danny Silva

Danny Silva's Public Library

Happy birthday @iteachag !!!!

Happy birthday @iteachag A great lead learner!

Oct 25, 15

The Internet in Real Time... So much data is generated every second! @iteachag #FallCue2015

@iteachag I just got this great pic from @CVRscience7 of you taking a pic of his drone taking a pic of you! #FallCue

It's 1 thing to connect online. It's EVERYTHING to connect in person. #fallcue makes dreams come true! #connectedtl

@iteachag rockin the pink tie showing Ts how to use YouTube in the classroom #fallcue

Yep. Completely changed my career and mission. @TaraEDU @edtechteam @sciencelabman @ZoeRoss19 @tombarrett @iteachag @WendyGorton

Exactly 5 years since #GTAUK10 - still the #1 PD! @edtechteam @sciencelabman @ZoeRoss19 @tombarrett @iteachag @WendyGorton @brookhouser

Now I have heard everything: @Dowbiggin's advice to @iteachag for bacon transport is "wrap it in toilet paper?" cause Bacon! #ldi15

I'm honored to have played a small prt in such a great event! @willkimbley @JasonSeliskar @jcorippo @iteachag

@iteachag @TheWeirdTeacher Can we get an unbiased Scapegoat? #cuerockstar in Chico

Just distracted @bribriggs How dare @iteachag make me do that. #cuerockstar
Apr 11, 15

Just a little collaboration between @iteachag and @jcorippo RT @CUERockStar: Check out our new look!! #cuerockstar

YouTube SAFE MODE...yes, please! GAFE admins can turn it on for student accounts! @iteachag #cue15
Mar 21, 15

"YouTube in Education - Are You Using It?" - I now have another PD idea for my teachers. Thanks @iteachag! #cue15

CUEballs @rpdpjerrad @iteachag @gochemonline #headshots #cue15

More than packed room for @iteachag's YouTube session. I didn't know Danny still did presentations? #cue15

Things @google Teachers Never Hear @followmolly @markgarrison @benjaminfriesen @smbeaverson @markwagner @iteachag
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