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Danny Silva

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14 Apr 14

Blog 365 Days Challenge! MT in post: @markwagner @mwacker @techmaverick @iteachag @POUSDSupt Thanks for inspiring me!

First time presenting @lead3. Had a blast with my fellow teachers. Now looking forward to @CUErockstar Monterey this summer

#lead3 keynote @keciaray giving a shoutout to @CUElearns team @julikimbley @jcorippo @_delainejohnson @cmolmstead @iteachag @techmaverick
05 Apr 14

@mrlosik @iteachag So excited for Cue Rockstar Saugatuck!

Given our deep and abiding love for Comic Sans typeface, CUE has today re-envisioned its new logo to be even better!

I can't believe I let you two talk me into this.... @jcorippo @AppEducationFox

@AppEducationFox you are hilarious! Oh my gosh... I'm dying over here....

@jcorippo @lhighfill @LS_Karl @bobmadden_ @AppEducationFox @mhammons tempting Jon....

@iteachag I saw a 2 week old giraffe on safari - too cute for words!

#FF @mdhero @gochemonline @Whamann1 @iteachag @Ajay460 @jeannereed1

Now I know why @lhighfill says that @iteachag is the Calendar Guru. Seriously. #giewc

#eduawesome @lhighfill @iteachag I add "You is kind. You is smart. You is important." (#Thehelp) about Google Calendar at #giewc.

#GTAMTV12 #CUE14 the cool kids at CUE

@iteachag just did a SLAM! Creating a QR code for a calendar event for people to scan and add to their calendars #giewc So COOL!

So excited to have the presence of @iteachag and @techmaverick in Petaluma today! North Bay is on fire these days! #nbcue #cue14

What a fun surprise to run into @iteachag at our district office! Hey @coach_sv can you believe @lorideen didn't invite me?! @NorthBayCUE

FYI @mrsfadeji @iteachag in Petaluma and @techmaverick via GHO Talkin Tech #petk12

Just got home from a great weekend at #cuerockstar Napa. Don't miss your chance to learn & be inspired by some incredible peeps! #caedchat
25 Feb 14

New blog post: #cuerockstar reflection: Napa by the numbers Thanks for an awesome weekend! #caedchat

@CUErockstar Twas an honor! Thank YOU!
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