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  • “These people are very smart, very innovative. Most of them came back to China after studying overseas,” he said. "But when we talked about some details, I found their knowledge base has shrunk very much after living in China for several years, because the Internet context is quite different: Their access to new knowledge -- for example on new developments and technology related to cloud computing -- is quite constrained because they can’t access some documents beyond the Great Firewall.”

  • music licensing is “complicated,” requiring a “long time,” because negotiations take place among  “countless copyright owners with different perspectives.”
  • In May of 2012, Sean Parker, an investor and board member of Spotify, claimed the firm’s US licensing efforts required upwards of two-and-a-half years before completion.1 Reuters had reported it spent at least eighteen months attempting to license the service in the US2, while Forbes wrote it had taken two years in Europe.3


  • In addition, and in order to gain as holistic an understanding of the licensing process as possible, private data was gathered from individuals who had represented both so-called “sides” in these negotiations: technology companies and copyright owners.

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    • As an Rdio Select subscriber, you can:

      • Enjoy endless stations based on any artist, song, genre, and more, along with You FM, your own personalized station, with no ads or skip limits on mobile and coming soon to other devices, such as Roku, Sonos, and Chromecast.

      • Keep 25 mobile downloads at any one time to play whenever you want, even offline. Newest downloads automatically replace the oldest ones, and you can replace your 25 downloads up to once per day.

      • Kickstart your downloads with 10 track Rdio-promoted playlists featuring curation from artists like Mumford & Sons and Best Coast and tastemakers like NPR Music and Rolling Stone. Plus get daily playlist recommendations for a wide variety of genres, moods and occasions.

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  • "This is the Chinese navy ... This is the Chinese navy ... Please go away ... to avoid misunderstanding," a voice in English crackled through the radio of the aircraft in which CNN was present.

  • 在网络上,我们找到了这很可能是科马罗夫最后话语的录音(在亚马逊上可以买到。

  • 坐在距离舞台40英尺远的地方,我的感受与他截然不同。他演奏肖邦的两首诙谐曲和柴科夫斯基《四季》(The Seasons)套曲中的两首曲目时,首尾部分的琴声被无限放大后简直震耳欲聋,灵性全无。


  • 但在弹奏柴可夫斯基的《刈者之歌》(Reaper’s Song)和《狩猎之歌》(The Hunt)以及肖邦的作品时,他让人记住的只剩下对琴键的猛烈敲击。
  • 不过,我自己还是耳听为实。不是吗?


  • In September 2014, musician Thom Yorke released an album, Tomorrow's Modern Boxes, through BitTorrent Bundles -- a new service that allows artists to add paywalls to any content on the service. The album was downloaded more than 4.5 million times and reportedly grossed millions.

  • He remains an avid reader of fiction and poetry, and he is polishing a book of short stories and essays loosely inspired by Primo Levi’s “The Periodic Table.” Deisseroth says that he perceives a connection between scientific inquiry and creative writing: “In writing, it’s seeing the truth—trying to get to the heart of things with words and images and ideas. And sometimes you have to try to find unusual ways of getting to it.”

  • The German journalist was released after two days, but 16 days later the bandits shot Jones under mysterious circumstances, on the eve of his 30th birthday. There were strong suspicions that Jones' murder was engineered by the Soviet NKVD, as revenge for the embarrassment he had previously caused the Soviet regime.

  • 某个夜晚,这位外国“老朋友”在数名表情庄重的官员陪同下,坐着专车绕上几十公里,进入幽深的宫殿,经过警卫森严的重重回廊,走过一间间气氛凝重的大厅,,一扇扇沉重的大门缓缓打开,终于在一间温馨的小屋里见到了伟大领袖,领袖站起身微笑着与对方握手时,对方经过如此长久的气氛洗礼,很容易就有了“触电”的感觉,随后一股暖流注入体内。当领袖以几个小玩笑作为开场白或者嘘寒问暖几句,对方就彻底被“征服”了,立即对此前听过的各种传闻有了低触,“他原来是如此地和蔼可亲”!
  • 琼斯和中国还有一段悲剧性的渊源。离开苏联后,他追寻另一个世界新闻的热点:日本军国主义在亚洲的扩张。1935年他前往中国北部的内蒙地区调查满洲国的情况,于当年8月在那里被身份不明的匪帮绑票后杀害。这桩谋杀案的真正背景和经过,至今仍然是一个谜团。


  • 就在他被提名教皇之后,在选出他的梵蒂冈高层举行的一次会议上,他思索着这个神职所带来的棘手权力,微笑着说,“愿上帝宽恕你们做出的决定。”当时,众人捧腹大笑。2013年3月,幽默就在圣彼得广场站稳了脚跟,之后再也没有离开。


  • 最让科斯忧心忡忡的是中国的人口和户籍政策。“一对夫妻只生一个小孩”的社会一定不可持久。“计划生育”的危险并不在于“计划”,而是计划和生育主体的分离。而且,如果生育这样的家庭私事都能堂而皇之地由政府统筹规划,僭越的官权何处才能看到自己的红线?户籍政策画地为牢,阻碍人口迁移,违背了“人挪活,树挪死”的中国古训。


  • The pitch for the platform is that it is artist owned. Subscription revenues go right to artists instead of to middlemen tech companies like Spotify and Pandora.


  • It’s not a terrible idea to have artists and songwriters collecting more of the money from streaming music. According to a recent study by Ernst & Young Ernst & Young, artists get just 6.8% of royalty fees from streaming. Songwriters and publishers split 10%.


  • the economics of music, it turns out, is more dark art than dismal science.
  • Steve Albini, the legendary recording engineer (and nearly as legendary curmudgeon), argued in a speech last year that the Internet essentially burned out the inefficiencies and exploitation of the old system, leaving behind a smaller industry that’s vastly better for artists and listeners.
  • Victor’s “Red Seal” series, launched in 1903 in the U.S., found a perfect marriage of marketing and musician. Italian opera singer Enrico Caruso, Red Seal’s signature artist, signified European refinement in middle American homes, while both his tenor vocal range and patient recording style were among the best-suited yet for the era’s technology.

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  • “The survey found that travelers are more loyal to their favorite airlines than to hotel brands: over 93% of those surveyed said they prefer to fly with a particular airline or alliance, while only 72% said they prefer to stay at a particular brand of hotel.  Within those two groups, airline customers overwhelmingly fly with their favorite airline or alliance, even if the flights are not as convenient as those offered by another airline, while only slightly more than half said they would travel to a less conveniently located hotel in order to stay with a favorite brand.”

  • The invasion of Iraq was near criminal in its origin. It helped ignite the Middle East in a consuming round of tribal warfare, led to the deaths of an unknown number of Iraqis, helped create at least two failed states—Iraq and Syria—along with a barbaric unit called ISIS, swallowed billions of our currency, and, most importantly, cost the lives of nearly 4,500 members of the American military.


  • It’s tough for artists to make money out of recorded music, but it always has been, he noted. Arcade Fire lead singer Win Butler, seated next to Krugman on the panel, concurred. “Essentially artists have been getting screwed over at the same rate since the beginning,” Butler said. Now, he argued, it’s just different middlemen doing the screwing.
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