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  • 华人世界里的许多大学和博物馆都表现出了兴趣,却不愿出手购买。这些文献写在数千枚的竹简上,大小跟筷子相当,其历史似乎可以追溯 到2500年前,那是一个思想非常活跃的时代,催生出中国最伟大的思想流派。但它们的真实性仍然存疑,而且购买赃物也有违道德。之后,到了7月,一位匿名 的清华大学校友开始介入,买下这些受潮了的竹简,将它们运回位于北京的母校。


  • A tape cartridge can store data for about 30 years under ideal conditions, says Matt Starr, chief technology officer of Spectra Logic, which sells data-storage devices. But a more practical limit is 10 to 15 years, he says.


  • Brett Porter built the PiKon kit and wanted to make his telescope portable for field trips, so he baked his own touchscreen controller with a 2.8″ TFT display, 4 programmable buttons, and a 5200mAh lithium-ion battery that also powers the Pi and camera. It’s mounted right on the side of the scope. You’re looking at Brett’s moon photos above.


  • Debt growth has been outpacing gross domestic product growth for years, with its numbers stepping up a year ago, and that gap will widen as the government has to heap ever more stimulus on the economy in order to hit its 6.5-7 per cent growth target — like throwing more and more kindling on to a fire to keep it alive.

  • The mismanagement of the stockmarket plunge last year, and of the currency rate change, have underlined concerns about whether China’s increasingly large and complex economy has grown beyond the ability of a tiny group, or a single “core” figure, to direct.

  • The study found that after encoding a memory, these ‘engram’ cells remain active for a few hours before their excitability levels drop. The researchers showed that if a second event occurs within this window (less than six hours), then the memory for that event is encoded in the same collection of neurons. Because these two memories are encoded in the same population of cells they become linked.


  • “抢”是一种中国特色。在中国,总有一群人什么都要抢,挤公交车、挤地铁、买火车票、医院挂号、进景点,他们生怕进不了门、上不了车、抢不到座位,因此拼命往前挤。即使在供应充足的环境中,很多人“抢”的习惯依旧难改,例如,乘飞机都是有座的,但抢先登机的现象并不少见。“抢”也通过中国游客走出国门进而名扬世界。今年3月,泰国网友上传了一段中国游客在泰国吃自助餐时疯狂抢虾的视频,虽然有辟谣称此视频是恶意抹黑中国人,但依旧受到广大舆论的批评。


  • 南海仲裁案,在中国民间引发了新一轮表达爱国之情的热潮。围剿赵薇、禁入肯德基、企业禁用苹果手机等事件,成为群体性情绪的宣泄口。一些人对此情绪昂扬,另一些人则充满疑虑。立场和情绪温度上的差异,不仅扩大了部分精英和草根之间的语言对立,甚至让理性爱国的呼吁显得苍白无力。什么才是理性?什么才叫爱国?什么才是合适的情绪表达?缺乏一个可清晰论述的标准。这只能导致关于爱国的讨论失焦。


  • Audio Block board size is only 1.2" x 2.8" (30.58 mm x 71.22 mm). The board's form-factor is compatible with SparkFun's stackable Edison blocks. So that it can be easily integrated in Intel Edison based projects together with SparkFun blocks.

  • 这个故事来自于孔飞力的《叫魂》。之所以想到这本旧书,是因为最近明星赵薇深陷舆论漩涡,而牵涉的事件竟然与某种妖术有关(不了解情况的人,可以搜一下“万惠”)。


  • Today’s scientists have their own explanations. Maybe it’s the structure of the inner ear, or the neat ratios of frequencies in harmonious chords. Or maybe dissonant chords sound dissonant because of something called roughness: If you were to simultaneously play two notes right next to each other on a piano—a C and a C-sharp, say—their sound waves would clash in a jarring, unpleasant way.


  • 从很多方面来说,这是2010年时任中国外交部长的杨洁篪与东盟外长们在河内那场愤怒交锋的重演。“中国是大国,其他国家是小国,这是事实,”杨洁篪曾在一个会议上说出这番声名不佳的言论;很多人称,这一言论促使美国总统巴拉克•奥巴马(Barack Obama)在军事上“重返亚太”。


  • We filmed four or five takes of a short scene in the car. I pretended to drive, yanking the steering wheel back and forth with the kind of comical exaggeration you might see in “The Andy Griffith Show.” Two cameras glided on a track and crane outside the car while Kos-Read, sitting in the back, and a young Russian actor, who sat beside me, exchanged a few lines of dialogue. The Russian had until recently been a student in Jinhua, a nearby city, but was now trying his hand at an acting career. Maybe it would have worked out for him had he started a decade and a half ago, like Kos-Read, but his performance didn’t bode well. He struggled with the lines; his English was wooden, the delivery stilted.



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  • 1. At the beginning of their Linux adventure, many people want Windows to be the operating system that's booted by default, instead of Linux Mint or Ubuntu. So that Windows will boot automatically when you make no choice in the boot menu (you'll get over it after a while!).

  • According to the authors, the wide array of sensors deployed on both the F-22 and F-35 would allow a sort of "crowdsourced" picture of the battlefield. Secure links would allow data to be pushed upstream to the Combined Air Operations Center headquarters. The more flights by the two warplanes, the more detailed a picture of the enemy can be assembled.

  • All of this is to say that if the business plan doesn't work with free humans, AI won't save it.

     <!-- ### The game of telephone applied to research  The [telephone game]( (also known across the word as Chinese whispers / Russian scandal / ...) might sound childish but seems to be a well known phenomenon issue in the adult world too.  > [O]ne person whispers a message to another, which is passed through a line of people until the last player announces the message to the entire group. Errors typically accumulate in the retellings, so the statement announced by the last player differs significantly, and often amusingly, from the one uttered by the first.  Let's go through a theoretical replaying, shall we?  + Paper: "In our new paper, we achieve state of the art Cloze test results on the Facebook Children's Book Test using our new model ... Improving on previous performance from the XYZ model from Facebook"  + *Note: Cloze tests are "fill in the blank" challenges, frequently allowing you to select between multiple-choices - i.e. "The dog barked angrily. The X then bit the postman"* + University: "ML dept teaches computers to better model language using children's books from Facebook" -->  

  • Around 2003 I came across Charlie Munger’s 1995 speech, The Psychology of Human Misjudgment, which introduced me to how behavioral economics can be applied in business and investing. More profoundly, though, it opened my mind to the power of seeking out and applying mental models across a wide array of disciplines.

  • Chinese police on Thursday released on bail a legal assistant who worked for a prominent human rights lawyer after almost a year in detention on subversion charges, as the visiting U.N. secretary general called on China to respect civil society.

  • The growing use of pinyin, and the continued tension between spoken regional “dialects” and Chinese characters, will continue, even though, for reasons of national and cultural pride, it now seems unlikely that characters will ever be replaced with an alphabet. With the help of technology, more people are thinking for themselves, outside the boxy prison of Chinese characters—one more part of the steady empowerment of the populace that is challenging orthodoxy in Beijing. The Mandarinisation of the nation will continue; the use of a standard language is undeniably helpful in educating the poorest and helping them engage with broader development trends in the country and across the world. But even if the party achieves linguistic unity under Mandarin, says Mr Moser, it may still find social and political unity as elusive as ever.

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  • Although quantum computers of this variety are only small and experimental at this stage, Google is taking precautions for the worst case scenario.
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