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  • You can run Docker in a couple of different ways. It's possible to simply  start a container in Docker and begin using it, then start making changes  to the running container and save those changes as a new image file.  However, you'll remember that one of the reasons we're  interested in Docker is to avoid the problems created by making  manual changes, so that approach doesn't really help us! Instead, we're  going to use a different approach that Docker also supports, which is the  Dockerfile. A Dockerfile is a set of commands that builds up an image in a  repeatable way. That way, if you execute the Dockerfile on different  machines you always get exactly the same result. Think  of it like a "bill of lading" that tells you  what's inside your Docker image (and thus inside the containers  you're building).

  • BEP is used between two or more devices thus forming a cluster. Each device has one or more folders of files described by the local model, containing metadata and block hashes. The local model is sent to the other devices in the cluster. The union of all files in the local models, with files selected for highest change version, forms the global model. Each device strives to get its folders in sync with the global model by requesting missing or outdated blocks from the other devices in the cluster.


  • In 1962, a trash fire ignites a seam of anthracite coal beneath the once-thriving mining town of Centralia, Pennsylvania. The fire continued to rage unchecked into the mid-1980s: giant plumes of smoke and deadly carbon monoxide gases billowed from fissures in the ground, the local highway cracked and collapsed, trees were bleached white and petrified. It wasn't until a young boy nearly died after falling into a smoldering mine that the government was pressed into action. After estimating the cost of extinguishing the fire at over a half a billion dollars, the government opted to raze the town and relocate its residents. Today, eleven die-hards remain. Filmed over a period of five years with interviews ranging from former citizens to Congressmen, THE TOWN THAT WAS is an intimate portrait of one Centralian's quixotic fight for a town that has literally disintegrated under his feet. His unbowed determination and steadfast refusal to acknowledge defeat reveal a region and a way of life that has been almost forgotten.

  • But this week, one skeptic, an Ohio insurance agent Bob Wittbrot who has been trying to discredit Alibaba on his anonymous investing blog titled Deep Throat since shortly after the company went public, highlighted an irregularity at the company that seems to hold water. Alibaba is paying its employees a whole lot in stock compensation—awards given to employees for joining the company and as annual performance bonuses—and those payments are increasing much faster than the company’s headcount, and even faster than its revenue is growing.


  • Everything is connected around us. This revolution has already started and it will be bigger than previous technology revolutions, including the mobile smartphone revolution. Internet of Things, as many call it today, will fundamentally affect all of us.


  • 这样的描述让我感到很不适应。根据我自己的教科书,以及小学以来的所有教育,中国共产党才是对日抗战中的“中流砥柱”。互联网上的争论没能给我提供更多信息——网民不出所料地分成了两派,一派坚定认为台湾的说法夸大了国民党的功绩,旨在污蔑中共,另一派则认为中共一直在利用教育“洗脑”。


  • They cut through the clutter by delivering what consumers want, when they want it, without hassle.

  • June 1945: The lobby of the Western Furniture Exchange and Merchandise Mart with a mural representing early furniture craftsmanship. Twitter moved into the building in 2012.


  • The website is a little bit difficult to use, but last week I managed to download all of the data from two of the cameras -- a total of 35 Gigabytes of data! -- and I've spent the subsequent week figuring out what's there and how to handle it.

  • 尽管认同影片描述的未来一片黑暗,但伍嘉良也让观众看到了希望的微光。在他执导的最后一则故事《本地蛋》(Local Egg)中,违禁书籍被下架。但很多书被放到了一个秘密的地方。在那里,一排又一排的年轻人借着钨丝灯发出的微弱灯光,贪婪地翻阅着那些书籍。


  • Columbia was gone, and all seven of its crew had been killed. NASA refers to this most rare and catastrophic of events as an LOCV—"Loss of Crew and Vehicle."


  • The researchers also found that 537,200 deaths in 2010 were due to an excessive intake of trans fat, including those in processed, baked and fried foods as well as cooking fats used in certain countries.


  • 首先,中国的民族主义带有浓重的儒家色彩。儒家作为一种伦理学说,它的核心之一是“礼”,包含一系列对群己关系和人际关系的规范。也就是个人必须非常清楚自己的角色应该是什么样的位置,承担什么样的义务等等。最有代表性的一句话莫过于孔子的“君君、臣臣、父父、子子”。这就是为什么,大陆人常常会把台湾(人)、香港(人)矮化为儿女,台湾(人)、香港(人)的许多行为看作是对大陆“母亲”的“不孝之举”。这种将台湾、香港、大陆放在家庭伦理中思考的视角就是儒家伦理规范的特点之一。


  • 新加坡东南亚研究所(Institute of Southeast Asian Studies)的中国-东南亚关系专家赵洪表示,在国内习惯开了推土机就上的中国国有企业,在民主国家将需要采取不同的方法。






    雅加达政治分析人士保罗•罗兰(Paul Rowland)表示:“他们以为能够在两年多一点的时间里完成这个项目——这从来就是非常奇特的一厢情愿的想法。”


  • AlphaGo was developed by a team known as Google DeepMind, a group created after Google acquired a small AI U.K. startup called DeepMind in 2014. The researchers built AlphaGo using an extremely popular and successful machine-learning method known as deep learning combined with another simulation technique for modeling potential moves. Deep learning involves training a large simulated neural network to respond to patterns in data. It has proven very useful for image and audio processing, and many large tech companies are exploring new ways to apply the technique.


  • The global earphones and headphones market is expected to reach USD 17.55 billion by 2022, according to a new report by Grand View Research, Inc. Surge in consumer demand for technologically advanced products is expected to fuel industry growth over the next few years. Increasing adoption of several smart devices such as tablets, smartphones along with portable music players may also positively impact earphones market demand.


    • Global demand is expected to reach 455 million units by 2022, growing at a CAGR of 4.6% over the forecast period.
      • Key players such as Apple Inc., Bose Corp., JVC, Sony Corp., Sennheiser electronic, Skullcandy and Shure Inc. focus mainly on R&D investments in order to develop new and differentiated products that exhibit quality as well as reliability. Industry participants also emphasize on collaborations, acquisitions and mergers as it helps in joint sales and improving marketing efforts.

  • As a music lover, you simply plug in their headset anytime you need music. That is basically for the bulk of the day as most music lovers work, eat and even play games on bingo sites like while enjoying their favourite tunes. Have you ever stopped mid game to wonder how artists get money from Spotify, Apple Music and all other streaming services you use? The revenue sharing dispute has been around for a while.


  • “Monetizing free audio is a fantastically difficult problem to solve, and we are the only ones who have done it,” he said. “We intend to move aggressively to build on that over the coming year.”
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