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raman srinivasan

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Jan 12, 13

Financial price dynamics & pedestrian counterflows:A comparison of statistical stylized facts @scoopit via @FuturICT

Jan 07, 13

Nintendo takes on TV: some interesting ideas in here.

Oct 07, 12

New books by Ben Emons and JoAnneh Nagler offer down-to-earth financial recommendations.

Oct 04, 12

TCS Ignite: A science to software program for science graduates

Jun 25, 12

Welcome to Liang Gao + Nan Qin who report about the Lindau Meeting in Mandarin! Now our blog team is complete. #lnlm12

Nov 09, 11

Nobel laureate Paul Nurse on The Great Ideas of Biology (The Royal Society Lecture)

Sep 12, 11

Helpful to folks adding video to their mobile websites - convert Flash to HTML5 easily with Google's Swiffy:

Apr 06, 11

yet another assessment and surveying tool.

Feb 24, 11

RT @marshallk: Green Goose @launch =great validation of how exciting #IOT is! RWW 1st covered them 1yr ago 2...#L11

Feb 22, 11

Freeman Dyson insightful on the evolution of information theory, and Gleick's new book:

Feb 22, 11

When hand-waving makes for good scientific discussion #AAASmtg

Feb 22, 11

BP to Pay $7.2 Billion for India Energy Fields Stake

Feb 22, 11

Economics Journal: Why a Flagging Britain Continues Aid to a Rising India |

Feb 21, 11

S so easy...........

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