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Martin Burrett

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Apr 19, 15

A superb site and apps full of maths games for primary aged children.

Apr 10, 15

April's issue of UKED Magazine - Read online for free

Mar 31, 15

This is a widely used e-safety website with games and activities to help your students understand how to be safe online.

Mar 27, 15

A super web-based drum machine which works on most modern devices. Create wonderful music tracks and download as a WAV file.

Mar 18, 15

A class resource/poster with a collection of facts about Solar eclipses and how to stay safe when observing one.

Mar 18, 15

Download this Apple and Android app which simulates a huge range of chemical reactions and find lots of interactive information about the chemical elements.

Mar 17, 15

A superb YouTube channel with a huge collection of stunning space videos. Explore to planets, the galaxy and the universe.

Mar 17, 15

Settle the argument of who’s is truly bigger with this planet size comparison tool. View a image of each planet as it’s real ratio.

Mar 12, 15

A superb maths game set in a vast magical world, reminiscent of the early Final Fantasy games. Complete the challenges and battle with monsters by answering maths questions. There is a teacher’s dashboard so you can set up and track the progress of your students. Questions are age appropriate and adapt to the ability of the child to keep them moving on.

Mar 10, 15

A word cloud creator with an impressive range of customisation. Just enter the text file or url to input the text and then tweak.

Mar 10, 15

A site with a collection of maths videos designed to get students drawing graphs. Watch the motion of objects or values on scale in the videos and plot the numbers. The videos have the correct answers at the end.

Feb 24, 15

This Apple app bills itself as ‘part toy, part chemistry experiment’. Connect augmented reality blocks to digitally mix/react chemicals together and view the information and visualisations. No fume cupboard necessary.

Feb 24, 15

This has got to be the funkiest instant poll, quiz, response site around. Create questions, quizzes and polls with optional uploaded images for participants to complete in real time from a computer or mobile device. The users access the quiz by using a pin code. The ‘question master’ gets the data back instantly and it is stored on the site or can be downloaded. This is superb for checking the knowledge of children in your class or that your audience is still awake.

Feb 24, 15

A simple HTML/CSS editor which updates in real-time. Perfect for teaching to a class on your whiteboard or for students to experiment with.

Feb 23, 15

A useful Windows app for creating Prezi-like presentations. You can create your presentations offline and they are based of HTML5, meaning that the files can be viewed in most modern browsers, even mobiles and tablets.

Feb 23, 15

A letter which attempts to persuade the reader to write their own persuasive letter, and which highlights some of the main points to include.

Feb 21, 15

14 open access resources to download or find online.

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