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Martin Burrett

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Nov 17, 15

Web tool for selecting things. Enter up to 100 choices and spin on the site, embed on your own site or share the link. You can enter choices by copying and pasting choices into a single textbox, making it simple to draft on an offline document.

Nov 17, 15

An iPad app which allows a teacher to set work remotely on the students’ devices, including with recorded audio instructions. The teacher can see what the students are doing and get feedback instantly on the their iPad. The students can put up a virtual hand to ask for help from the teacher, or from fellow students.

Nov 12, 15

Article based in a science class discussing the value of seizing opportunities

Nov 09, 15

UKEd Magazine with educational articles on pedagogy and teaching ideas. This issue has a STEM theme.

Nov 05, 15

A site with huge bank of free and creative commons high quality video clips.

Oct 25, 15

Superb Apple and Android apps designed to improve home/school communication to inform parents about what their children are doing in school. Teachers can input simple lesson topics, or detailed lesson information for parents. Teachers can also assign badges for individual pupils.

Oct 20, 15

The website for the BBC Micro:Bit has lots of coding resources to use with and without a Micro:Bit device for both teachers and pupils, including program creators with a choice of programming languages.

Oct 18, 15

An intriguing site which has split the whole world into 3 metre by 3 metre squares and assigned 3 words to label that coordinate, giving addresses to millions around the world who don’t have an official address, or making a meeting point more accuracy than a postcode. For educators, there are lots of geographic and literacy possibilities – geocaching with spelling, or writing short stories or descriptions about a real location including the words. The site can be viewed in many different European languages meaning there are MFL possibilities too."

Oct 16, 15

A site from Google with resources, projects & inspirational videos to encourage students to code. Projects include programming wearables, making a yeti dance and mixing music.

Oct 14, 15

A great child friendly news site/app with stories to interest young readers. The site also has a ranges of tools and games to get involve in the news.

Oct 11, 15

Open Access Educational Online Magazine - Special Space and Science Theme

Sep 20, 15

A site/app which allows pupils to explore geometry & other maths on a digital geoboard.

Sep 20, 15

A great eco Apple/Android app featuring a polar bear. With plenty of games and environmental lessons, it is a good resource for helping your pupils go green.

Aug 22, 15

A great site to get your class moving with music, fitness and mindfulness videos.

Aug 17, 15

Open access online educational magazine. This issue has a 'Educational Research' theme.

Jul 11, 15

Guide to getting started with languages with younger pupils.

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