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Martin Burrett

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May 28, 15

The blog of science communicator Bill Nye. The site is full of science activities and experiments to try, with video demonstrations and things to download for your class.

May 14, 15

More and more people are throwing away their USB memory sticks (but probably just losing them down the back of the sofa) in favour of cloud storage. This is a wonderful storage site, download and multi-platform app which is very similar to Dropbox. A synced folder sits on you devices and can be updated and accessed from any device. You can generating a url to share folders or files with other people. It works just fine on a computer with Dropbox already installed and the free account gives you 15GB of storage. That’s enough storage where ‘tidy’ filing schools might begin to migrate their school network storage to the cloud for free – and that’s exciting. Additional storage is available for a price.

May 13, 15

Free online magazine for teachers, featuring articles on Minecraft in the classroom, Project based learning, subject knowledge, value of field trips, and using GPS to enhance learning.

May 11, 15

A superb e-safety resource with separate sections for primary and secondary students to work through. Choose to sign in to save progress or use without signing in.

May 10, 15

Apple app to make and publish beautiful interactive magazines and documents quickly and easily. It has a wide range of themes, fonts and you can add your own images. Students can type or use the speech-to-text function, which make it accessible for a wide range of abilities.

May 08, 15

A useful Apple app which lets you capture handwritten Post-it notes to make virtual copies to organise, mix and share.

May 08, 15

A beautifully design collaborative online whiteboard with a great range of tools and features.

May 05, 15

A great flashcard Chrome extension tool to help users learn something new by popping up a card each time a browser tab is opened.

May 04, 15

A superb, quick tool to create visual tweets and Facebook posts. Just enter the text, then choose from the bank of images or upload your own.

Apr 19, 15

A superb site and apps full of maths games for primary aged children.

Apr 10, 15

April's issue of UKED Magazine - Read online for free

Mar 31, 15

This is a widely used e-safety website with games and activities to help your students understand how to be safe online.

Mar 27, 15

A super web-based drum machine which works on most modern devices. Create wonderful music tracks and download as a WAV file.

Mar 18, 15

A class resource/poster with a collection of facts about Solar eclipses and how to stay safe when observing one.

Mar 18, 15

Download this Apple and Android app which simulates a huge range of chemical reactions and find lots of interactive information about the chemical elements.

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