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  • Malet Lambert School – Deputy Headteacher

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    Malet Lambert

29 Mar 14

This is a superb site from the BBC with interesting questions to inspire awe and wonder. There are videos and other media which attempt to answer questions on history, science and much more.

29 Mar 14

This is a great resource for creating a map based treasure hunt. Choose the locations for your students to find, write some clues and share the link with your class.

25 Mar 14

Lots of great ideas on how to be creative in the classroom

20 Mar 14

A fantastic guide to some innovative, but simple ideas on how to make the most out of your whiteboard

19 Mar 14

This is a superb environmental game which is reminiscent of the early SimCity games. Build a wonderful town, manage your fossil fuels wisely and keep the inhabitants happy. A free sign up is required.

18 Feb 14

Find educational delights in this educational e-zine.

10 Feb 14

Marking your mark and personalising your class

05 Feb 14

Wonderful article from @aknill about SOLO.

03 Feb 14

Great article with practical and pedagogical ideas

14 Jan 14

The UKED magazine. 34 pages of professional development gold for educators. Articles, web tools, classroom tips and tricks. Great!

08 Jan 14

This is a wonderful site which has a large set of lesson ideas that will bring Africa into your school. The activities range from KS1-4 and are spread across the curriculum.

27 Dec 13

This is a fun Android and Apple app from University College London were players complete a range of games to exercise the brain cells and provide researchers with real, but anonymous data to use in their study.

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