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Ian Smith

Ian Smith's Public Library

Sep 01, 15

"Leuchter went to Auschwitz and proved that no homicidal gas chambers existed"

Aug 30, 15

– a handful of kale
– 5 kiwis
– 2 bananas
– 2 apples
– and you pour all of that with half a liter of water

In the morning you should drink half a liter of juice and the rest of it during the day.
Additionally, when you feel hunger you should constantly eat fruit, fruit salads and add tuna as well due to the vitamin B12 which is much needed to the human body.

Aug 26, 15

tested and proven as a chemical sterilant on animals and birds in the 1970’s, before its inclusion in our food chain.
Its inclusion in our food chain is simply Zero Population Growth in action

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