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  • Note that the Request panel only shows the headers added by JMeter. It does not show any headers (such as Host) that may be added by the HTTP protocol implementation.

  • If you omit the loop condition it loops forever, so an infinite loop is compactly expressed.

  • Warren is the only female Democratic senator who has not endorsed Clinton.

  • Selenium IDE is simply intended as a rapid prototyping tool.

  • gb requires you to place all your code in packages inside $PROJECT/src/

  • middleware is a series of wrappers around your application that decorate the requests and the responses in a way that isn't a part of your application logic.

  • A mode called ‘ansible-pull’ can also invert the system and have systems ‘phone home’ via scheduled git checkouts to pull configuration directives from a central repository.

  • Because there is nothing to install, following the development version is significantly easier than most open source projects.

  • Some fonts require specific licenses to operate in a non-Windows environment. It is your responsibility to insure that you are operating in a legal manner.

  • he has suffered memory loss and that he feared it was related to the multiple concussions he suffered throughout his career

  • Manning became the oldest quarterback to take his team to the Super Bowl

  • contradicting the U.S.'s statement that he was not an employee of the government at the time of his capture.

  • Assuming the user has a relational DB, why use Solr? If your use case requires a person to type words into a search box, you want a text search engine like Solr.
  • words are stored in an "inverse index", which searches orders of magnitude faster.
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