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  • If anything, clickbait is more pernicious than gaming search results because it’s directed at hacking the emotional responses wired into users. Readers quickly grow wise to the tricks, but then the tricks change and the end result is the same: disappointment and dissatisfying content.

  • Etsy is also breaking ground by being the first registered B Corporation (or benefit corporation) to go public.

  • While extending classes in a hierarchical fashion often works well, there is a tendency to end up with classes such as MaleLeftHandedPetOwnersOfPoodles. Trying to munge together a bunch of separate concerns in a single class can get messy. Ember's answer to this problem is Ember.Mixin.

  • You can specify a function as replacement. In this case, the function will be invoked after the match has been performed. The function's result (return value) will be used as the replacement string.

    • Starting with version 4.0, VirtualBox shared folders also support  symbolic links (symlinks), under the  following conditions:

      1. The host operating system must support symlinks (i.e. a Mac,  Linux or Solaris host is required).

      2. Currently only Linux and Solaris Guest Additions support  symlinks.

  • The only real way that I know of for getting 2560x1600 would require an active solution and unfortunately, no one seem to make an active HDMI to Dual Link DVI adapter - plenty of DisplayPort to Dual link DVI's but not going from HDMI.

  • Single-link DVI-D connectors have 19 pins (18+1) and dual-link DVI-D connectors have 25 pins (24+1).

  • M>&N  # "M" is a file descriptor, which defaults to 1, if not set.  # "N" is another file descriptor.
  • If redirecting both stdout and stderr, #+ the order of the commands makes a difference.

  • Executable commands must always use package main.
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