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Ali Nabavi

Ali Nabavi's Public Library

  • Why won't my orchid re-bloom?

  • How do I water my orchid?

  • A Stanford University study shows almost 90 percent of doctors would forgo resuscitation and aggressive treatment if facing a terminal illness.

  • He believes all drugs should be legal for professional athletes. He is also in favor of legalizing recreational drugs as well and has a particular personal appreciation for a psychedelic drug, DMT.

  • When do I water?
     Orchids should be watered just as they begin to dry out. This rule applies to all orchids with slight variations depending on whether your plant has the ability to store water or not. Orchids such as cattleyas and oncidiums should be allowed to dry completely between waterings while orchids such as phalaenopsis and paphiopedilums that have no water storage organs should be watered before dryness occurs.

  • My guess is that most women just want you  not to be fat, so don’t sweat it so much

  • Charles Darwin, you suck
  • If your family tree is more like a potato farm because everyone is a barrel-bodied endomorph, then there is only so much you can do

  • Hey there – my name is Mehdi, and I founded StrongLifts in May 2007.

  • So far, two states — Arizona and California — have adopted the independent commissions, each created by voter referendum.
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