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  • Yet the remarkable scene raised more questions about the wisdom of having Wasserman Schultz gavel the convention in and out.

  • Although continual improvement is a key principle of the ISO 9001 standard, the standard does not explain how to implement or maintain this improvement. The Six Sigma method provides this how-to information. Six Sigma is a collection of process improvement techniques and tools which can be used to improve the processes, and can be applied to processes within the quality management system that is defined by the ISO 9001 standard.

  • If it weren't for Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton would be the most disliked major-party presidential nominee in recent American history.
  • And a new Washington Post-ABC News poll is the latest to suggest they just keep getting worse — so much so that they are in some ways about as bad as Trump's.
  • But it's hard to overstate just how bad Clinton's numbers are.

  • The kidneys are indirectly responsible for controlling levels of stomach acid. Cats with chronic kidney disease are more likely to have elevated acid levels making them more prone to vomiting.

  • Merchandise purchased online cannot be returned to any of our Factory or Outlet stores.

  • A person cannot just shoot a person if they come onto a property, or if they want them to leave, Steffey said.
  • 36-year-old Jackson convenience-store owner Sarbrinder Pannu shot James Hawthorne Jr. after Hawthorne stole a case of beer from the J&S Food Mart on Medgar Evers Boulevard.
  • "People should be reminded that's fundamentally what the police are for," Steffey said. "And self-defense has always primarily been for those situations that are too dangerous to wait for the intervention of law enforcement."

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  • Note that the Request panel only shows the headers added by JMeter. It does not show any headers (such as Host) that may be added by the HTTP protocol implementation.
  • Note that all the UDV elements in a test plan - no matter where they are - are processed at the start.
  • UDVs should not be used with functions that generate different results each time they are called. Only the result of the first function call will be saved in the variable.

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  • I try to get the previous sample result using BeanShell PostProcessor like this: 
    long rt1=prev.getTime(); 
    But it only shows the sample result of nested http requests not the parent sample... I also tried simple controller to contain the samples in it... but the problem remained the same.

  • Durst said he was a big fan of Nine Inch Nails, who inspired his music, although Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor had made negative remarks about Durst during that period
  • Scott Weiland – vocals on "Hold On"

  • Manual sleep tracking has been addressed with the new UP3 firmware,
  • and we've found our updated band to be much more on the money when it comes to slumber recording.
  • we're genuinely impressed with the quick turnaround of tweaks for the UP3 – it's encouraging to see a brand react in such a swift and positive manner.

  • The Jawbone UP3 may not look like it, but it’s in fact one of the more advance and accurate sleep trackers.
  • Now when it comes to the sleep side of things, it’s way ahead of most of its rivals.
  • Jawbone claim that it’s one of the most advanced personal sleep trackers ever made. They say it builds a picture of your sleep using a range of advanced sensors such as bioimpedance. It measures your heart rate, breathing rate, body temperature and galvanic skin response.

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  • uses a unique technology: bioimpedance. That's a big departure from the optical sensor and green LEDs used in competing trackers
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