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  • A Weber chimney holds about five quarts, or about 80 briquets.
  • I put about half a chimney of unlit coals in the grill and put about half a chimney of fully lit coals on top to get to 225°F
  • The Looftlighter is a real boy toy.

  • “If she gavels in the convention, it would be bananas,” the senator added.

  • The dog, named Champ, is recovering under the care of a Tupelo veterinarian.
  • lawmakers are facing pressure from special interest groups to avoid passing stricter legislation.
  • the bill was given the "kiss of death" by Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves.

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  • stainless steel wire brush
  • flip them over between cooks
  • especially cheap brass bristle brushes

  • every room is a suite with a door separating the living area (the kids’ hangout, with a TV and sleeper sofa) from the bedroom (your digs).

  • It is often argued that the enormous public opposition to the invasion of Iraq had no effect. That seems incorrect to me. Again, the invasion was horrifying enough, and its aftermath is utterly grotesque. Nevertheless, it could have been far worse

  • Uncheck the Automatic Synchronization check box
  • uncheck the Enable service at server startup check box
  • from within the path of the profile

  • Stewart pinned some of the blame for Trump's rise on what he described as the failure of Democrats to transform the public sector into a more dynamic actor.
  • Stewart also took aim at the political class, asking, "Why are we so good at campaigns and so bad at governance?"

  • The Other Permission Digit
  • The first digit is a special file permission indicator,
  • In Linux, the default permissions value is 666 for a regular file, and 777 for a directory.

  • ACLs can be used to solve the per-directory umask problem.

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