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  • that Fox News held a conversation between people like Brit Hume and George Will and Chris Wallace to talk about how mean black people were being is pretty much all you need to know about Fox News.
  • Especially, and this is key, when your movement has made a habit of saying the same thing about nearly every non-white American with a career in politics that you haven't liked over the last 40 years.

  • Every single PC & laptop manufacturer on the planet should be fucking ashamed of themselves for the crap they put consumers through to pick a laptop.

  • Not all clone troopers obeyed the Order, however.

  • NOTE: You should use this.resource for URLs that represent a noun, and this.route for URLs that represent adjectives or verbs modifying those nouns.

  • the Free World, where legions of credulous idiots spend their waking hours chasing the outrage dragon.
  • Mitrione began performing gruesome live torture demonstrations on homeless beggars plucked off the streets of Montevideo

  • However, the turtle once again scores brownie points simply because its favorite food is jellyfish, and those things suck. It’s noted that turtles pretty much
  • Man, turtles are cool.
  • When we saw the word “sharks” up there, even we thought we were going to spend a hundred words talking about great whites. But no; despite his name, Jaws mostly chews his food. However, there is a member of the shark family that eats things whole, and seemingly just to prove that nature hates us, the thing it eats IS OTHER SHARKS.

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  • Blocking HTTPS requests with Squid is much more difficult unless you can set up a Certificate Authority and issue certs to all the client browsers. Otherwise, if you push SSL requests through Squid, the proxy cache will be detected as a "man-in-the-middle" attack. The most recent releases of Squid have mechanisms ( by which it can spoof the remote site's certificate and substitute its own. This won't work with "transparent" proxying, however.

  • #4: Deny access to "http" facebook to accountant only in office times
     http_reply_access deny  fb accountant officetime
     #5: The below line will deny access to "https" secured facebook to the proxy user "accountant" in office times. Squid proxy will deny access to "https" facebook to accountant only in office times. 
     http_access deny CONNECT fb accountant officetime

  • Most of the time you'll work 40 to 50 hour weeks. We try to keep to a 40 hour week, but everyone in IT knows that from time to time, 40 hours will not be enough.  You can count on the rest of the team to work as hard as you do.  Most of us work out of our homes and we don’t mind donating the commute time to actual work. We expect that from you as well. The benefits of working from home outweigh an occasionally demanding IT work schedule.
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