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  • We have data to contradict this argument: Over 400'000 people have enrolled in an online Scala course with a success rate twice the industry average. "Almost vertical learning curve?" Please!

  • Don’t be the person who cannot deliver a release because GitHub is down.
  • Commands (main packages) don’t have to be placed in src/cmd/, but that is a nice tradition that has emerged from the Go standard library,

  • Hopefully it is clear to you now that hardware is not getting any faster.
  • You need a language which is efficient, because inefficient languages just do not justify themselves in production, at scale, on a capital expenditure basis.
  • maintains the illusion of concurrency by rapidly switching the attention of the CPU between active processes

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  • writing all kinds of automation scripts (I use Go instead of bash almost all the time)

  • Klein is known for publishing outlandish and critical pieces about the Clintons.
  • Someone should do a book about Ed," Merrill told the Post. "They could call it 'Bulls–t: The Problem with Anything Ed Klein Writes.'"

  • “They are obsessed with ending access to reproductive healthcare for women in America,” Richards declared, using language far sharper than her remarks to lawmakers earlier that day
  • was visibly cautious in response to every question during her long day on Capitol Hill
  • She was rarely combative

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  • "It does have the effect of undermining social democratic policies and I think it makes some sense to think of it as, purposeful or not, class war."
  • "If Corbyn can survive the huge assault against him, which is pretty remarkable to watch, not just from the right but from the Labour establishment, the kind of Blairite establishment. It's a shocking, almost hysterical propaganda campaign being launched against him."

  • purchased or rented Amazon Instant Videos cannot be shared at this time.

  • An interesting note is that this date is a bit earlier than the above patches. The CA knew to revoke it on March 15th and the above patches were worked into software a few days later. If the attacker was targeting specific users, the damage to those users may have already been inflicted.
  • An even lower tech attack is possible and it's why revocation does not work: By returning a HTTP 500 error, the browser will the continue on as if revocation checks showed the certificate to be perfectly fine.

  • The one thing that is clear is that the trust model isn't all that trustworthy.
  • If the server with the CRL (or the OCSP server) tells the browser that it suffered an internal error when the browser asks for the CRL, then rather than playing it safe and rejecting all certificates, the browser will just silently trust the certificate.
  • Certification revocation is basically useless

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  • Recent goings on at Certificate Authority (CA) Comodo provide compelling evidence that such trust is misplaced.

    • In the control group, 38% of participants exercised at least once per week.
    • In the motivation group, 35% of participants exercised at least once per week.
    • In the intention group, an incredible 91% of participants exercised at least once per week.
  • Sometimes you won’t be able to implement a new behavior — no matter how perfect your plan. In situations like these, it’s great to use the “if–then” version of this strategy.
  • The “if–then” strategy gives you a clear plan for overcoming the unexpected stuff, which means it’s less likely that you’ll be swept away by the urgencies of life. You can’t control when little emergencies happen to you, but you don’t have to be a victim of them either.

  • By the time a pet has an elevation in the waste product creatinine  in its blood, 75% of the nephrons in both kidneys have been lost.
  • By the time the pet shows signs of CKD, the damage is severe.
  • CKD is usually fatal in months to years but various  treatments can keep the pet comfortable and with a good quality of life for  months to years.
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