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  • This was a textbook example of what’s come to be known as “tone policing,” a common term in feminist and anti-racist circles—shifting the focus from what was said to how it was said, using the pretext of concern that someone’s style might undermine substance to, well, undermine that substance.
  • it was a bad PR move for Cyrus. She looked legitimately freaked out when Minaj said her name; her reply was incoherent and shaky, blaming the press for manipulating her words

  • In essentially ignoring thousands of applications to create new cigarette brands, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is interfering with market competition, not promoting public health.
  • Similar doubts about the FDA's suitability as a regulator of tobacco were raised during debate over the Tobacco Control Act by none other than the agency's  commissioner at the time, Andrew C. von Eschenbach.
  • Sley says that dealing with the TTB has been a comparative pleasure. "I made a list of a dozen questions I needed answered, was put on hold for  twenty minutes or so, and then a helpful agent answered all but one question, stating that she needed to confirm her answer with her supervisor. Her  supervisor then called me the following morning."

  • Ali4176      Jan 24, 2015 at 2:01 PM     
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    Sorry for replying without answering your question, but I felt obligated to chime in.  :-)


    It perplexes me that there is such a lack of tools for this purpose: a person at a workstation who wants a runtime tool that keeps statistics on network connectivity and performs some modest diagnosis when there is a problem.  I am reasonably confident that if there were a tool that were easy to use and required no configuration then lots of people would be interested in using it.  Who wouldn't like to open a dialog window and see in yes-or-no terms whether or not their ISP is doing a horrible job?


    Of all of the tools for Windows that I've seen, Total Network Monitor looks like the best.  Unfortunately, of course, development has been suspended.  :-)

  • The Provider for Google Calendar also allows access to Google's task lists and there are some extra features in the Provider not available via CalDAV, for example setting EMAIL reminders. It is also easier to set up, a graphical calendar picker is available.

  • By convention, interface names end in “-er” and are usually named by the method name they contain

  • The NRA chief whom Harlon Carter overthrew publicly supported the Saturday Night Special handgun ban, telling the Senate in 1972, "On the Saturday Night Special, we are for it [banning] 100 percent. We would like to get rid of these guns."
  • The NRA nearly imploded in civil war over the leadership’s support for the handgun ban.
  • the more batshit disconnected from demonstrable reality your message is, the more fanatical and organized-for-war your organization will be. If you can get people to make that leap of faith —well, then you’ve got real power.

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  • The police — mainly the LAPD, but also the San Bernadino police — did their best to affirm Dorner’s worst accusations about them as a reckless, violent out-of-control agency, accusations echoed by many others over the years.
  • Compare that to the LAPD, which fired on two separate cars during their bungled manhunt, injuring several along the way, including a 71-year-old Latina woman and her 47-year-old daughter delivering newspapers:
  • Finally, as Max Blumenthal reported, Dorner was killed or pushed to suicide after police deliberately set fire to his cabin — then covered up and lied about it — leaving nothing but ashes and unanswered questions behind.

  • other than that try yamahas as they tend to have thin necks so little fingers can get round easy also try a jazz bass they have little necks usually.
  • I think Ibanez basses have some of the smallest necks out there.
  • Also, Dean Guitars ( have small necks. They have a few bass designs.

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  • Receivers always block until there is data to receive.

  • Today a burgeoning debt resistance movement draws from the realization that many of these debts are not fair.
  • In most cases, the debts are never paid off. According to a report by the Jubilee Debt Campaign, since 1970 Jamaica has borrowed $18.5 billion and paid back $19.8 billion, yet still owes $7.8 billion. In the same period, the Philippines borrowed $110 billion, has paid back $125 billion, and owes $45 billion. These are not isolated examples. Essentially what is happening here is that money—in the form of labor power and natural resources—is being extracted from these countries. More goes out than comes in, thanks to the fact that all these loans bear interest.

  • Once a channel has been closed, you cannot send a value on this channel, but you can still receive from the channel.

  • Creating a channel and delaying exit of main() by immediately receiving on said channel is a valid approach of preventing main from exiting.
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