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  • in fact seven ports could draw a maximum of 7 x 0.5 = 3.5A

  • If the container's  base image contains data at the specified mount point, that data is   copied into the new volume.
  • Data volumes can be shared and reused among containers.
  • Docker therefore never automatically delete volumes when you remove  a container

  • We recommend using the host entries in /etc/hosts to resolve the IP address of linked containers.

  • Dual link DVI is not supported by any of DisplayLink's ICs.

  • The kind of apocalyptic rhetoric necessary in order to get a rise out of the hard-right base in the hard-right bubble Ted Cruz and other candidates usually confine themselves to sounds (rightly) like the ravings of a lunatic to other, less conservative audiences.

  • When Gandhi shows up and threatens to nuke someone, that has meaning beyond pure hilarity.

  • push is used to notify Ember Data's store of new or updated records that exist in the backend.

  • This method can be used both to push in brand new records, as well as to update existing records.

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