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  • Notice I didn't mention encountering an actual computer virus. That's because these days other types of malware are more prevalent. Don't worry: Despite the name, antivirus utilities handle Trojans, rootkits, adware, spyware, ransomware, and all kinds of malicious software.

  • It is generally recommended to have an odd number of ZooKeeper servers in your ensemble, so a majority is maintained.

  • you cannot change the number of shards of the index after initially setting up the cluster.
  • However, you do have the option of breaking your index into multiple shards to start with, even if you are only using a single machine. You can then expand to multiple machines later.

  • The cores that make up one logical index are called a collection. A collection is a essentially a single index that can span many cores
  • Collections are made up of one or more shards.  Shards have one or more replicas.  Each replica is a core.

  • “Money has corrupted our political process,” said Lessig. “They [in Congress] focus too much on the tiny slice, 1 percent, who are funding elections. In the current election cycle, 158 families have given half the money to candidates. That’s a banana republic democracy, that’s not an American democracy.”

  • Lewis, for his part, acknowledges that there are significant developer benefits that come from JavaScript frameworks like Ember.js
  • In Lewis’ experience, frameworks are suboptimal because they impose hits on latency, bandwidth, CPU usage (battery draining), memory usage, and more.
  • It’s also not a straightforward win for developers. They must learn the framework, then relearn it when it changes—or learn an entirely new one when the cool new framework hits the web. 

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  • the drives and the controllers compensate for this, by knowing where it wrote to, and not doing it too many times. Wear leveling.

  • Assuming the user has a relational DB, why use Solr? If your use case requires a person to type words into a search box, you want a text search engine like Solr.

  • We find that Go is very well suited for this kind of development, and has become Torbit’s preferred back-end development language.

  • Starting with version 5.0.0, Solr will be distributed only as a self-contained web application, using an embedded version of Jetty as a container.
  • Then I discovered a simple tool, NSSM, that did exactly what I wanted. I will be using the NSSM tool in this tutorial.

  • To burn off the calories you need to do at least 30 min of cardiovascular exercise every day
  • Caution: You can always out-eat your exercise!
  • No matter how much you exercise, you can eat more than you burn off and end up gaining fat rather than losing it unless you accompany your cardio program with good nutrition.

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  • For a handful of shows Gilmour played and sang while Barrett wandered around on stage, occasionally joining in with the playing.
  • When Gilmour joined the band, Pink Floyd performed briefly as a five-man piece, from 12 January till the 20th

  • A question this raises is why are we passing in the values of the matcher and feed variables as parameters but using closures for the searchTerm and results variables?
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