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Feb 05, 10

Conclusion: HootSuite Wins 6-4 (half points for neutral)

HootSuite’s speed, stats and ability to schedule tweets close the deal for me. What do you think?

Feb 09, 10

The more Twitter followers you acquire and the more involved with your business you get using Twitter, the more you will come to rely on your Twitter client to help you stay organized.

Whether you have one or several Twitter accounts, if you’re feeling

Feb 26, 10

To summarise, HootSuite is best for those who need to manage several distinct accounts, and anyone who wants integrated statistical link reporting. It’s also very useful as a tweet scheduler in its own right due to the integrated URL shortening. Seesmic,

Apr 13, 10

HootSuite feature advantages:

* ability to schedule tweets
* updates faster
* provides robust statistics
* allows for the incorporation of additional social networks
* allows more multiple accounts to be controlled by multiple users

Apr 13, 10

However, the biggest hurdle is the initial set-up. Once a business gets set up on different social media sites, it doesn’t need to take a lot of time to monitor or manage your social media presence. Checking your fan page only needs to be a once or twice

Apr 13, 10

Tom Humbarger wrote about the features of another service, HootSuite, on his blog Social Media Musings. He reports,

“I started experimenting with HootSuite last week, and so far I am loving it.

Apr 14, 10

HootSuite is a great – and free – tool for managing multiple Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and accounts.

The Twitter and social media management tool allows you to personalize columns, so you can view multiple feeds from the same social networking

Apr 19, 10

On another front, at the Daily News, we're managing our Twitter feeds with HootSuite, which has quasi-native applications on some platforms, a Firefox add-on, various mobile-client apps and a Web interface. So it's flexible.

I'll be using both Gwibber an

Apr 22, 10

HootSuite is the geekier tool, and it's more powerful than CoTweet in some ways. The 2.0 version (due out by July) supports multiple columns, like Tweetdeck and Seesmic Desktop. Its statistics, as I said, are deep. It can show you things like the most inf

Apr 23, 10

Hootsuite: This one was a recent find for me, and I must say it's my favorite web-based application for managing multiple social media sources. Hootsuite offers the ability to manage multiple social media networks through multiple tabs on a single window

Apr 23, 10

I seem to find myself on the short side of the debate among the pseudo-Twitterati. I used to proselytize about TweetDeck. Now I’m sweeter on HootSuite.

Apr 26, 10

Thus when I tried out PeopleBrowsr and HootSuite, both of which are exclusively web-based solutions, neither one provided a satisfactory experience.

But now, shockingly, I find my eye beginning to wander away from TweetDeck and toward HootSuite.

I’ll pr

Apr 27, 10

I swear to Thor that HootSuite was eavesdropping on my brain last night. The title of the original draft of this post was “Dear HootSuite, I Love You, Please Change” – but an email arrived this morning that changed all that.

Apr 28, 10

Which of these two programs is the best to manage your Twitter account; I have had many people ask me what are the differences between Social Oomph and Hootsuite, which one is better for social networking automation and whether they should go with Social

Apr 28, 10

Hootsuite started as a Twitter account manager, but has offered integration with a number of other platforms (including a beta of Wordpress). Their tool has an outstanding UI and a strong set of functionality, especially with multiple teams managing accou

Apr 30, 10

Hootsuite for those that don’t know it or use it is about to get downright nasty in this game. Not nasty in a bad way but the app has grown and it’s going to sick. Forget the discussion internally about ROI and team management, this group has got it for

Apr 30, 10

I have decided to answer the call by posting a detailed point by point list on the advantages and disadvantages the two clients have over each other. Keep in mind that Tweetdeck is an Adobe Air application that installs on your desktop while Hootsuite is

May 19, 10

Based on what I’ve seen so far, HootSuite is the clear winner (based on current popularity among power users), a slightly less complicated but serious alternative is CoTweet, and I am still very interested in trying out Pluggio (formerly Tweetminer) whic

May 21, 10

For me, the clear winner is Hootsuite. My multiple account management started in Tweetdeck, but I feel its more for users that have one or two account to manage. In Hootsuite, the ability to preschedule tweets/status updates alone is a lifesaver. Its an e

May 21, 10

Overall, the HootSuite app is a good Twitter client. If you’re on the fence about it, there is also a lite version of the app available, and I recommend taking that for a spin before spending the money on the full-featured version.

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