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H. Tree

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Feb 26, 15

What women can open a move these days? I'm talking almost guaranteed opening? Not many. If you look at Angelina Jolie's SALT, that was a role and script originally attached to Tom Cruise. When he pulled out, the studio banked on Jolie, rather than another male actor, and rewrote the film for her.

So who is to blame? Nobody. Not the studios. Not the writers. Not the filmmakers. Not even the audience, who I think holds the strongest voice here. Cinema goes in trends. It's unpredictable as well. It depends on the current times, the current status of the various movie seasons, etc. No one can predict it or point any fingers when looking for a reason why things are or aren't the way they are. "

utter bullshit

Feb 23, 15

"How was it possible, critics and moviegoers asked, that the two brightest lights from the brilliant film, which tells the dramatic story of the 1965 freedom marches in Selma, Alabama, did not even manage to make their way onto Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences' shortlist?

On Sunday night, an anonymous member of the Academy gave us a chilling insight into those snubs. Quoted in the Hollywood Reporter, the individual, described as an Oscar winner himself, gave this explanation (emphasis added):

"I lived through the '60s and my most heartfelt opinion is that 'Selma' did not suffer from racism but is just inadequate to the events that it covered — to the civil rights movement and to [Dr. Martin Luther] King [Jr.] and to the various demonstrations that were held and to the people involved. The scenes with LBJ and [FBI director] J. Edgar Hoover conspiring together like two little white weasels bothered me; I thought that was incredibly misleading. And the portrayal of Malcolm X as having an alternative way is ridiculous — he had no alternative. The whole film is kind of a left-wing, modern, black rap version — there's no white people who have any speaking parts who are favorably depicted, when, in fact, there were white people on the scene, beyond a few ministers, who risked their lives and who died supporting the civil rights efforts.""

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