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about 18 hours ago

"While working at Marvel post-acquisition, I saw a deck circulated by Disney’s Brand Marketing team. I’m prohibited from sharing the slides, but the takeaway is that, unlike the actual demos, the desired demographics had no females in it whatsoever. I asked my supervisor why that was. Ever the pragmatist, he said, “That’s not why Disney bought us. They already have the girls’ market on lockdown.”

I’d entered the comics industry because I was a comics fan. It hurt to see so plainly that to Disney, people like me didn’t matter. My demographic was already giving them money anyway, with Disney Princess purchases. Even now, there’s no incentive to make more Marvel merch for women, because we already buy Brave and Frozen products."

about 18 hours ago

"While the purchase was made in 2009, Disney-Marvel is still using Marvel properties and products solely to get boys interested in brand consumerism. As girls have historically been Disney’s target market, and Disney has all that Princess merchandise, buying Marvel allowed Disney to take a two-pronged approach to merchandising: create two distinct types of merch, gendered; one for boys (male Marvel Superheroes) and one for girls (female Disney Princesses)."

May 25, 15

"As we understand it, Star Trek: The Motion Picture is based on a television program that lasted three seasons and taught the world that it was OK to be sexually aroused by green women. Oh, and it also introduced the world to William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, George Takei, and a dozen film sequels. Star Trek is by most metrics the second-most-successful science-fiction franchise in history and the most successful at not being ruined years later by George Lucas."

May 23, 15

"The makers of drug-war thriller Sicario, starring Emily Blunt, Benicio del Toro and Josh Brolin, revealed that they had been under pressure to rewrite the lead role, a female FBI agent played by Blunt, as a man.

Speaking to journalists at the Cannes film festival after the press screening of Sicario, which is competing for the Palme d’Or, the film’s director Denis Villeneuve confirmed that screenwriter Taylor Sheridan had been asked, before he came aboard the project, to change the gender of the lead role.
Cannes faces backlash after women reportedly barred from film screening for not wearing high heels
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“The screenplay was written some years ago,” Villeneuve said, “and people were afraid that the lead part was a female character, and I know several times [Taylor Sheridan] had been asked to rewrite the role. When I got involved, the script was as it is, and I embraced it, as did [producers] Black Label and Thunder Road. But the pressure came before, and these guys had the guts to keep it as it was.”"

May 23, 15

"The Hollywood film industry is so sexist that it should be investigated for civil rights violations, according to a new campaign.

The so-called celluloid ceiling is firmly intact despite years of complaints about gender inequality, the American Civil Liberties Union reports. In particular, both aspiring and seasoned female directors are excluded from the vast majority of movies."

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