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Nov 02, 15

"Maximum mineral content of the cannon bone may not be reached until 6yo. When training starts, a decrease in bone density occurs between 0 and 64 days, remains low and then gradually increases from day 104 to day 244. Cannon bone radiographs have shown that exercised yearlings are better prepared for the future mechanical stresses placed upon them, whereas yearlings stabled for 3 months lost bone mineral content and bone density. Pasture exercise seems best for an optimal development of the musculoskeletal tissues. The combination of short bouts of heavy exercise superimposed on a basic box rest regimen appears to have adverse effects on long term viability of the tissues and may lead to an impaired resistance to injury. Yearling horses exercised on a treadmill demonstrated an increase in bone density.


Nov 02, 15

" Meryl Streep Perfectly Summarizes Why Sexism Is Still A Reality For Women

After discussing sexism in the refugee crisis, the Church, and financial systems, she went on to criticize her own industry for its deplorable lack of female film critics.



This is why a perfectly reasonable action/adventure/fantasy film like Jupiter Ascending gets panned as ‘garbage’ and we have to all pretend to like it because it’s glittery trash and say it’s bad- the film wasn’t bad, for an action film (of which I have seen many worse ones with male leads who are considered fair-to-good by most people!) it was rather well put together- not surprising in a lot of ways but beautiful and well put together without any massive plotholes to my recollection- But no, I have to laugh and pretend to like it ironically because it’s made with a female power fantasy rather than a male one, which automatically makes it bad somehow for no real reason whatsoever. Yeah."

Oct 27, 15

"Emma Youngman's imported Swedish stallion Magritte (Magini/Cindra) pictured below, has been off the competition scene for some time and it was lovely to see this grand old gentleman (now 20 YO) make an appearance. The horse seemed to enjoy himself and showed us the reason why he reached the highest level of Dressage in Sweden before he came to Australia as a proven Grand Prix performer at 13 years of age. He has fantastic hind leg activity, so would make a good choice for those with a lovely mare that has some deficiencies in the energy of her hindquarters. These qualities are highly heritable and Magritte has much to offer. He has moved from Victoria and is now based with David and Amanda at Revelwood Stud. It was great to see the now NZ based Emma Youngman (who represented Australia at the 2003 European Dressage Championships at Hickstead on her other Swedish import Rasputin) back in Australia ... and in the saddle."

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