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Heidi Gable

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Feb 03, 16

Online resources to help students summarize journal articles and write critical reviews as the spring term starts!

Feb 01, 16

Piloting the new #bced curriculum for Social Studies 9 for the coming semester. Here's my outline: #feedbackwelcome

Jan 31, 16

@HHG My favourites of 2015: Picture books and novels

May 18, 15

Connected so much to this TEDx Talk from @HHG Gifted, Creative and Highly Sensitive Children
Just love the passion of this BC mom @HHG. Great message for all parents about finding right school fit for your kids

Apr 14, 15

@HHG This also interesting read: Now off to read to my two!

Apr 14, 15

@HHG This is a great blog post about the importance of independent reading and links to research:

Apr 13, 15

Run your own high-end cloud gaming service on EC2 #aws #cloud

Mar 26, 15

I did a quick interview with @samanthawho this afternoon about #maladjusted. Check it out! #mentalhealth #vanpoli

Mar 26, 15

Document outlining #bced Ministry's proposed directions for graduation years: | #bcpoli #bccurric

Mar 25, 15

50 years ago JFK was cut down. Many of you born after still don't realize how deeply this country was set back.
@gvmcmillan They are offering free flights for girls/women at Langley airport today/tomorrow
An anonymous mom writes: Am I the only one who borrows their kids' YA books not to "monitor their reading" but...
Just finished the Shatter Me series. My girls will LOVE this. Juliette is a real badass.
.@dfolker789 What do we actually *know* about designing spaces for learning? Combining research and practice: #notosh
@christyclarkbc #bcpoli everyone needs to read this.
New Lego female minifigs set for release in August? #gtchat #homeschool
Mental Math Teaching Tips

In daily life, we use mental math for 75% of calculations we perform.

Here are some...
The goal is not to "unschool"..
For all the gardeners >> Companion planting info-graphic from NewScientist= very cool.
My open letter to BC Residents about supporting teachers. p.s. I'm #JustAMom #bced #bcpoli
A dynamic brain based culture where people work with brains rather than against them? #culture101 #culture #satchat

Mar 21, 15

No, absolutely not. RT @AnthonyCody: Mercedes Schneider offers an informative lesson on "doxxing"

Mar 20, 15

.@HHG speaks on "Gifted, Creative, and Highly Sensitive Children" via @TedxLangleyED #think35

Mar 17, 15

Finally public info! Grateful to be a new @CityofVancouver appointee to Children Youth & Families Advisory Committee:

Mar 17, 15

"We need to use a positive self concept as one of our measures of success" @HHG Must watch from @TEDxLangleyED

Mar 07, 15

We often think of the big #transitions in life, but how do we manage the smaller, day to day ones? @bcedchat

Feb 27, 15

If you are looking for info on child and youth #mentalhealth, I highly recommend the Shared Care Toolkits!

Feb 26, 15

Two Reasons to Teach Like Everyone’s Listening | Teach Like Everyone's Listening

Feb 25, 15

...And the pursuit of happiness. Unless you are a minor... Then you don't get those rights.

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