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Leslie Healey

Leslie Healey's Public Library

I hate feeling so painfully nostalgic, but I guess it just means I have a lot of really amazing memories

wonder if george w bush will ever do a painting of me. who knows what the future holds

Watched "Jackie Brown" for first time since 1997 last night. Tarantino's best film, because Pam Grier would't put up with his bullshit.

SMHS sweeps DE NHD Sr Documentary Division for 2nd year in a row! On to the National Competiton at UMCP in June. #NHDDE

Former students, now my Alpha Phi sisters. #AlphaPhi #BestThingEver

How beautiful it is to stand before the Crucifix, simply to be under the Lord’s gaze, so full of love. (EG 264)

Any private schools out there that had declining enrollment but then turned things around because of some creative idea? #edchat #cpchat

Wow. Verye ye. So muchel hope. How abandoninge. All! All! Wow enteringe heere.

Just finished Little Brother by @doctorow. Thoughts: 1) I wish I was 14. I would have wanted to read this at 14. 2) I need to learn to code!
09 Apr 14

Folger Library's great flashmob idea for Will's Bday (data day?)


09 Apr 14

My pecs have pecs! (Introducing my next cosplay).

Again!!!!! Shoot him again!!!! He's still moving!!!!!! #Justified #DieDarylCrowe

I don't want to deflate anyone's motivation or anything but there are tons of things that taste better than losing weight feels

I'm a fan of making myself miserable enough to withdraw from any and all social situations

But I, being poor, have only my dreams; I have spread my dreams under your feet; Tread softly because you tread on my dreams.
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