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Heidi Olson

Heidi Olson's Public Library

Jun 16, 15

How to create a gradebook in google sheets that is accessed through google site and only shows the grades for the student who is logged in.

Jun 11, 15

Chrome extension -- Creates a layer over a web page so that you can annotate, either privately or publicly to other hypothesis users, to add comments or having a discussion. Critiques, evaluations, peer review and more.

Jun 11, 15

From a spreadsheet BatchGeo will create a map with markers for you. Use a google form to collect data and then copy and paste that data into the website, hit create map and watch it happen. Good for ice breaker or for sharing data.

May 28, 15

Program interactive stories or games. Designed for 8-16.

May 27, 15

Good information about multi media and how tos

May 27, 15

Free for teacher, Fee for student. Computer or mobile device friendly. Student are given up to 7 levels, answer questions (written, audio, or video). Score is kept on the instructor side.

Apr 23, 15

Great tool for helping to build good measureable objectives.

Apr 01, 15

Color, font, and design resources from Google Summit in Vancouver.

Apr 01, 15

Study helping determine readability fonts for Dyslexia. Unfortunately, one of the options of fonts was not Comic Sans.

Apr 01, 15

Use MacTubes to download YouTube videos to your desktop

Apr 01, 15

Extension for Chrome - annotate images or do a screencast. Images/video stored on your drive.

Mar 31, 15

Google maps pinning geography game

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