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  • Markku Tukiainen
  • Ilkka Jormanainen

  • It's learning to be - a natural byproduct of adjusting to a new culture - as opposed to learning about.

  • Britain's culture of irresponsibility
  • responsibility-sapping
  • Liam Fox

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  • to examine the extent to which the experience as designed assumes gaming or playful literacies on the part of the participant
  • ‘diegetic portals’ (Atkinson, 2014b)
  • ‘pop-up’ stores which opened up in East London

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  • hat we mistakenly believe the explanatory knowledge is in our heads
  • Only when we’re forced to explain it without the object in front of us do we realize how little we know about it

  • an illusion that a mediated experience is not mediated
  • perception defined here as presence
  • the physiological and psychological effects of presence

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  • I cannot resist also pointing out that if it is detrimental to perform socially-isolated activities with a two-dimensional surface rather than interacting with real people in a 3D world, then we should be discouraging children from reading books.
  • autism

  • Sadly, what we found was that even when technology tested well in experiments, the attempt to scale up its impact was limited by the availability of strong leadership, good teachers, and involved parents — all elements that are unfortunately in short supply in India’s vast but woefully underfunded government school system. In other words, the technology’s value was in direct proportion to the instructor’s capability.


    Over time, I came to think of this as technology’s Law of Amplification: While technology helps education where it’s already doing well, technology does little for mediocre educational systems; and in dysfunctional schools, it can cause outright harm.

  • has been linked
  • the teacher is still present in a way
  • if the teacher is not present to be transformed by the process

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  • not required yet.
  • apparent magic?

  • the equivalent figure for my own university, Stanford, is 95 percent. That's right, 95 percent
  • So a fair comparison would be to take the number of students who apply to Stanford. That figure is around 35,000

  • sharing links to some really dreadful online plagiarism checkers and urging "everybody" to use them.
  • Boy, was that depressing!
  • in order to

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  • Rebecca Schuman
  • The failures of massive online education come as no shock to those of us who actually educate students by being in the same room with them

  • not sure this is a sustainable model
  • nor would it necessarily work as well for a different teacher who didn’t already spend a large amount of time working on the web

  • “We found groups of 20 people in a course submitting identical homework,”
  • Some students are also ill prepared for the university-level work.
  • How do you make the massive feel intimate?

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  • We came to Nairn to breaksast. Though a county town and a royal burgh, it is a miserable p
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