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  • We came to Nairn to breaksast. Though a county town and a royal burgh, it is a miserable p

  • the creative act, which … always operates on more than one plane.
  • o point to the independent, autonomous character
  • associative thought operates among members of a single pre-existing matrix.

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  • This leads to the paradox that the more original a discovery the more obvious it seems afterward.
  • The more familiar the parts, the more striking the new whole

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  • Mr. McKenzie’s reluctance to loosen his grip on students who he thought were not learning well in the course.
  • “In Professor McKenzie’s view, for instance, uninformed or superfluous responses to the questions posed in the discussion forums hobbled the serious students in their learning,”
  • had faced criticism from students who objected to his decision to assign a textbook that was not available free.

  • a metonym to mean “the stuff I’m focusing on as I explore this phenomenon.”
  • something to question the meaning of, or the veracity of, but not the existence of.
  • hence is a priori and collectable

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  • that when it comes to how you react to a reward (such as achieving something in a game) then whether you like the reward (i.e. is it fun), have learned the appropriate way to get the reward (i.e. can you actually play the game), and if you want to work to get the reward (i.e. is it motivating to play), can be completely different, and independent, things.
  • liking, learning, or wanting
  • you do something for a reward then you must like that reward.

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  • Actually, the edcmooc course never ended in my mind.
  • I am not performing anything,
  • It was fine to meet Chris Jobling in Twitter again (he participted in PLENK2010)

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19 Aug 13

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