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Aug 21, 09

Some of you folks who have been on my e-mail list and/or who have browsed my websites since about 1998 will recognize the name of Richard Keech. But most of you will not know of him.

Jul 28, 09

Could this be Obama’s Kenyan birthcertificate?

Could this be Obama’s Kenyan birthcertificate?

Posted on Tuesday, July 28, 2009 12:23:04 PM by DoctorJimbo27

I wasn’t sure if i wanted to post this, but here goes. I’ve been holding onto this for a bit now, cause if it’s real I don’t know if I could get in trouble.

I voted for McCain last year (by default, I wanted huckabee) because I knew Nobama would be a disaster, but i wasn’t sold on the citizenship thing. on a whim, I asked a firend in the UK to see if she could find any old records from back when Kenya was a british colony. Well a few days later she emailed me this.

it looks real to me, but I’m not sure. And I havent been able to get a hold of my friend since she sent it to me. If this is legitimate, should i be worried?

Here’s the link, I don’t have a website to upload it to.



Aug 13, 08

Swordless Sailors [Obama Emasculates U.S. Naval Academy]
Wednesday, June 10, 2009 8:07:32 AM · 39 of 39
gunnyg to OldCorps


Not “Old Corps,” but I had the honor of bumping elbows with some of them.

Gunny G

Apr 29, 09


Gunny G: The Horseless Cowboys of America….

“The US Constitution is wholly about American Liberty!

One of the most, if not the most, ways in which we (Americans) demonstrate our liberty is to get in our vehicles and drive to anywhere we want to, anytime we want to, and as often as we want to!

The SUV, Pickup Truck, V-8 Engines, etc. are our symbols of our liberty, and, yes, high-mileage economy cars too, if we so choose—but not forced upon us by gubmint!
But that’s not how things go anymore, and liberty and freedom for true Americans is on the wane.

Since 1963 or so, when gubmint first forced the first control on our personal vehicles—the PCV device—they have added more and more of these restriction to control our freedom and liberty.

Americans are quickly becoming the horseless cowboys of America.”

-Dick Gaines

Apr 22, 09

Some notes on marine corps history, politics,

Inter-service relations, etc.

By Gunny G.


"For your information the Marine Corps is the Navy's police force and as long as I am President that is what it will remain. They have a propaganda machine that is almost equal to Stalin's."

-President Harry S. Truman, 1950


How many times have we heard and read references and allusions made as to the insatiable desire of the Marines for publicity. Marines usually just shrug this off, deny or ignore it, or sometimes attempt to explain away this accusation. Too often we just look upon things of this nature assuming it to be just a case of professional jealousy, etc. But many of us may be unaware of certain facts relating to this particular controversy. Can this be something more than just simple inter-service rivalry? When did it begin? Under what circumstances? Is there any basis to this accusation?

Feb 15, 09

As Costs Fall, Companies Push to Raise Internet Price

By Gunny G | April 22, 2009
Yeah Right!

In many cases, I would classify most merchants right down there with most politicians!

Do dat convey my sentiments on these sorta things?

Just Plain Dick
aka: Gunny G
As Costs Fall, Companies Push to Raise Internet Price

April 22, 2009

As Costs Fall, Companies Push to Raise Internet Price
New York Times ^ | 4/19/09 | Saul Hansell

Posted on Wednesday, April 22, 2009 9:34:41 AM by steve-b

Internet service providers want to end the all-you-can-eat plans and get their customers paying à la carte.

But they are having a hard time closing the buffet line.

Faced with rising consumer protest and calls from members of Congress for new regulations, Time Warner Cable backed down last week from a plan to impose new fees on heavy users of its Road Runner Internet service.

The debate over the price of Internet use is far from over. Critics say cable and phone companies are already charging far more than Internet providers in other countries. Some also wonder whether the new price plans are meant to prevent online video sites from cutting into the lucrative revenue from cable TV service….

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Apr 22, 09

There is so much that is labeled history and yet, within those pages are some of the most distorted facts that it boggles the mind when one comes across the truth of the matter; in fact it shakes us from our former comfort and requires that we make the decision to either continue to blindly believe or to step into areas foreign to our neatly packaged view of history.

Apr 21, 09

These things have triggered a red, blinking light in my old mind-housing-group for some reason. And I have wondered why he continues to be increasingly popular w/o anyone questioning these things.

Lately, however, a couple articles have come to my attention (below) regarding GB and these things, and more, I have mentioned above. Apparently there are some who do question some of his stuff.

Apr 19, 09

Diigo RSS Feed - Previously Furl….
Presently over 15, 000 posts of articles, stories, information, etc.
In this case, these are quickly posted with a new one-click system as an addition to The “G” Blogs - Gunny G Online.

Hopefully, regular GyG viewers, new viewers, and others will check this out.

Simply mash the Link Above (or below) to view.
Thank You.

Dick Gaines
Other “G” Blogs….

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Apr 10, 09

So what's this crap about "Bob Basso Summoned To White House"?????\n\nRe\n\n\n\nSo what's this crap about "Bob Basso Summoned To White House"?????\n\nHaven't heard a peep out of anyone, neither good guys nor bad.\n\nAnd, while we're at it-what's this "summoned" crap?????\n\nAll Hands Report!\n\n*****\n\nNOTE:\n\nMORE POSTS/ARTICLES on Gunny G's..\n\nand….\n

Apr 10, 09


April 10, 2009

[Announcement: Did you know Alan Stang has a new radio show? Click here for details.]

As you know, I always try in these essays not only to analyze what the conspiracy for world government is doing to our country; I also search out and offer realistic solutions, practical ways to revive our dormant, constitutional system. Recently, for instance, we discussed the true powers of the sheriff, explained by former Arizona sheriff Richard Mack, who says that, in his county, the sheriff has more power than the President and can keep federal agents out.

Now let’s look at the grand jury. Everything that follows is based on research assembled by New Jersey attorney Leo C. Donofrio, J.D. Leo has been a guest on my daily radio talk show. He is one of the patriot attorneys who have gone to court to adjudicate the most important constitutional issue in our history: the question of whether the man who presently sits in the Oval Office is legally eligible to be there.

Apr 08, 09

Gunny G Inquiry: Re POTUS Richard M. Nixon At Pendleton Parade Ground - Fallen Through The Cracks of History?
Overjoyed troops swarm Obama as he makes first presidential visit to Baghdad
Re POTUS Richard M. Nixon At Pendleton Parade Ground - Fallen Through The Cracks of History?

Well….let me just say I have some doubts as to the above “Baghdad” headline…
But it does serve to remind me of April 30, 1971–I think that date is correct, and the occasion was probably the return of the 1st Marine Division to Camp Pendleton, California from the RVN.

Does anyone here recall/ever run across documentation of President Nixon visiting the 1st Marine Division at Camp Pendleton when he was mobbed by the troops after speaking and ceremonies, and carried around the parade ground on the shoulders of the troops?????

It was a sight to behold.

I know this one to be the genuine article as I was there at the time.

For some reason or other there seems to be no record of this–at least not what I’m looking for, i.e., photos and/or video– although there was TV coverage, etc. of this event at the time.

Just another of those things that seem to have disappeared/fallen through the cracks of history. I have searched the ‘Net and there seems to be no photos/videos available.


Apr 02, 09

I attempted to bottle a few of my beers in Mason Jars. Unfortunately, I believe the seal was not tight enough to hold in the pressure as the beer carbonated.

Apr 01, 09

Re: “This was a slap in the face of every Marine of yesterday, o

That "slap-in-the-face" term has been gnawing at my old mind-housing-group, and I finally recalled where I first heard it used relative to Marines....

Back when WW II had first begun WW I Army officer Donovan and FDR had tried to convince the Major General Commandant that he (Donovan) should be commissioned a Marine Brigadier General and the USMC would become under him what eventually later became the OSS, forerunner of the CIA--in any case the Marine Corps didn't buy the whole idea, and Donovan soon ended up with his OSS, although a lot of Marines individually did serve in the OSS througout WW II....

  • “The SENATE is responsible for determining if it’s members qualify. I think THIS is what the SCOTUS has been using to state that “no one else” has standing . . . except that they haven’t said “who has” standing.”  “The Federalist Papers Number 62 is pertinent to what is happening in the Government today.”
  • “The SENATE is responsible for determining if it’s members qualify. I think THIS is what the SCOTUS has been using to state that “no one else” has standing . . . except that they haven’t said “who has” standing.”  â€œThe Federalist Papers Number 62 is pertinent to what is happening in the Government today.”
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