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Dec 29, 06

"From Marine Corps Book Of Albert A. Nofi, Combined Publishing, 1999...<p>
Two Presidents Who Were "Sort Of" Marines<p>
1. John Adams. Appointed Minister to France, Adams was a passenger aboard the

Dec 13, 06

Actually, the professional private was traded off--indirectly--for those useless super-sergeants (e8/e9) we got stuck with back about 1959 or so.<br>Another of those Pentagon "bill-of-goods" deals the us gub'mint is so famous for!

May 06, 06

"In every war we've fought using this thing, we've had people complain about the lethality," said retired Marine Maj. Anthony Milavic. A Vietnam veteran who became a small-arms activist, Milavic has accumulated report after report of enemies surviving mul

Apr 02, 06

Gunny G's GLOBE and ANCHOR Sites/Forums<br>
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