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Jul 08, 16

Emmet is a plugin for many popular text editors which greatly improves HTML & CSS workflow

Jul 06, 16

Clipse Node. Brining Node.js and Java worlds together since 2012. Tools for JavaScript and Java: Node.js, Android, Gradle and more.

Since 2013 our motto has been "One-stop [work]shop for Node.JS tools". We can't develop everything at once, but we let you know what are the best things around for Node.js development with Eclipse.

Jul 06, 16

PyDev is a Python IDE for Eclipse, which may be used in Python, Jython and IronPython development.

Jul 06, 16

Sumo Paint is an online image editor, without need to install anything to your device. It's the most versatile photo editor and painting application that works in a browser. You can open and save images from your hard drive or save it to cloud.

Jul 01, 16

Shinken is a monitoring framework. It's a Python Nagios® Core total

rewrite enhancing flexibility and large environment management.

Jun 29, 16

Building a complex web application with Ember.js 2.6

This is an Ember.js 2 tutorial from the absolute beginner level. End of the course we touch some advanced topic as well.

Jun 29, 16

PouchDB is an open-source JavaScript database inspired by Apache CouchDB that is designed to run well within the browser.

It enables applications to store data locally while offline, then synchronize it with CouchDB and compatible servers when the application is back online, keeping the user's data in sync no matter where they next login.

Jun 10, 16

Disco is a lightweight, open-source framework for distributed computing based on the MapReduce paradigm.

Disco is powerful and easy to use, thanks to Python. Disco distributes and replicates your data, and schedules your jobs efficiently. Disco even includes the tools you need to index billions of data points and query them in real-time.

Disco was born in Nokia Research Center in 2008 to solve real challenges in handling massive amounts of data. Disco has been actively developed since then by Nokia and many other companies who use it for a variety of purposes, such as log analysis, probabilistic modelling, data mining, and full-text indexing.

Jun 10, 16

"Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS) is a fast, reliable, scalable, fully managed message queuing service. SQS makes it simple and cost-effective to decouple the components of a cloud application. You can use SQS to transmit any volume of data, at any level of throughput, without losing messages or requiring other services to be always available.

With SQS, you can offload the administrative burden of operating and scaling a highly available messaging cluster, while paying a low price for only what you use."

Jun 10, 16

Robust messaging for applications
Easy to use
Runs on all major operating systems
Supports a huge number of developer platforms
Open source and commercially supported

Jun 10, 16

To become the standard protocol for interoperability between all messaging middleware

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