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Mark Watkins

Mark Watkins's Public Library

May 18, 16

Random Picker helps you draw winners for your contests, giveaways or raffles. We are the world's most used independent service for unregulated draws.

May 14, 16

Akka.NET is a toolkit and runtime for building highly concurrent, distributed, and fault tolerant event-driven applications on .NET & Mono.

May 13, 16

A powerful platform for your mobile or web application.

May 10, 16

The largest library of ember screencasts

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Apr 06, 16

Transaction Pro Importer for QuickBooks Online Edition (QBO)
Import Transactions or Lists into QuickBooks Online Edition from any Excel or CSV Text File

Mar 23, 16

Build, test and demo your app using a single mock server

Mar 08, 16

Latitude Kinsale specialises in applying the art of decoupage to marine charts for any location in the world. The process involves precision hand-cutting of nautical marine charts on the depth contour lines, assembling onto mount board where they are re-cut and then assembled to create a wonderful 3 dimensional piece of art that is timeless.

Mar 07, 16

Some documents provided by GoodData on the architecture of their systems and how to work with them.

Mar 07, 16

The definitive source of the best
JavaScript libraries, frameworks, and plugins.

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