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Gabriel McBride

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11 Oct 09

Sokule is the next generation of social networking; want to get paid post your opinions, as well as for referring others. Twitter won't pay you to tweet, but Sokule will pay you to squeek...

11 Aug 09

Facebook is acquiring social content-sharing service FriendFeed, the two companies have confirmed. Here's a look inside the deal and what it could mean for you.

19 Jun 09

Public Bookmark for a friend @twitter; vote MMMMM...Toasty! Thanks; @greyeyesgabriel
Your Web 2.0 friend...

01 Jun 09

I use Open ID on many of my Social is so easy and a great way to protect and identify your own unique web know me...I'm greyeyesgabriel, crawling the web for the good of humanity...

17 Aug 08

Weekly posts of sermons and bible studies. This week's topic is on Love! Come join our mailing list and never miss an update! Tell your friends and help our church grow.

09 Aug 08

This is a church that believes that the church is within you, therefore we do not need a building. If you don't feel comfortable in traditional church then you will fit right in here.

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