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Greg Grossmeier

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Aug 29, 13

Seems I jumped the gun on the official HTTPS for logged-in users announcement :D. Here it is:
Kudos to @Wikipedia for enabling HTTPS by default for all logged-in users. Major sites should do this for all users.

Aug 15, 13

listening to @wikidata

Aug 09, 13

@g_gerg's disclaimer sounds right: it's useful for flagging when requests start, unless gov can coerce add'l canaries

Aug 07, 13

@g_gerg maybe David Harvey?

Aug 07, 13

@g_gerg I've been googling around for the original attribution, but seems like no one knows. Latour said it here:

Jul 31, 13

finally put wikistream in the snazzy Wikimedia Labs environment going to retire it at next

Jul 23, 13

if a UP's monograph is in direct competition with a dissertation then the UP didn't do its job. end of damn story.

Jul 23, 13

cc @g_gerg RT @RosieGray: interesting NYT story on northerners who arrive in the Delta for never leave:

Jul 14, 13

If the DOJ succeeds in criminalizing the posting of a hyperlink, the freedom of all internet users is in jeopardy.

Jul 12, 13

great quote from dScribe alumnus this afternoon: "I came for the free food, I stayed for the global impact."

Jul 02, 13

Dear @BarackObama, is blocking your troops from reading a newspaper something a democracy does? No. No it is not.

Jun 29, 13

Got 1/2 way, realized i don't give a shit. Excess is excess “@BoingBoing: Sean Parker defends elf wedding...”

Jun 28, 13

Worried @todd_park and @stevenvDC tired of this obsession with IRS e-file data. (pdf). Hoping they'll help.

Jun 27, 13

Million $ Joe from ANSI playing politics. My comment at the end. Standards certainly good for his business.

Jun 25, 13

eft that, free Snowden. “@whitehouse: We owe it to our kids to do something about climate change. … -bo”

Jun 21, 13

Seriously disappointed in @kickstarter's response to the "Above the Game" petition. Get your act together.

Jun 20, 13

Ah, videoblogging. Good times. MT @acarvin: The end of an era RT @stevegarfield: I just made my last video blog post:

Jun 19, 13

MySQL man pages silently relicensed away from GPL « The MariaDB Blog

Jun 18, 13

So great to see innovation coming out of #bocomo. Self-contained plasma. Maybe #bocomo is a good retirement plan :)

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